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bone health problem

Bone resorption overpaces osteogenesis. This is what is happening behind osteoporosis,

either in menopausal osteoporosis or senile osteoporosis. Most supplements in the market provide you with necessary nutrients (vitamins, etc.) and materials (calcium, etc.) for your bone. Taking such ingredients without addressing the root problem above is like lighting wet wood. The first thing you need to do is to dry the wood.

β-Cryptoxanthin, a kind of carotenoid richly abundant in Satsuma Mandarin Orange, has been a popular fruit in Japan for over centuries. The health secret of this fruit loved by the Japanese has recently been revealed.

It is clinically proven to (1) directly enhance multiplication and differentiation of osteoblast (2) restrain and decrease osteoclast. It will optimize the imbalance between your bone resorption and osteogenesis. 

satsuma mandarin orange

See the following figures of how β-Cryptoxanthin stimulates bone forming osteoblasts and suppresses bone nibbling osteoclasts from maturing. (from “Role of Carotenoid β-Cryptoxanthin in bone homeostasis”, by Masayoshi Yamaguchi http://www.jbiomedsci.com/content/191/1/36)

Figure 1- Role of Carotenoid β-Cryptoxanthin in bone homeostasis
Figure 2- Role of Carotenoid β-Cryptoxanthin in bone homeostasis
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A Japanese Town Of Healthy Bones and High β-Cryptoxanthin Concentration In Their Blood 

Mikkabi-cho Graph - β-Cryptoxanthin concentration in Blood

A rural town of Japan, Mikkabi-cho is a well known region for Satsuma Mandarin Orange farming. Residents in the town have high blood serum concentration of β-Cryptoxanthin due to their habit of eating plenty of Satsuma Mandarin Oranges.

Based on this fact, many middle and long term studies have been conducted by food scientists in regards to β-Cryptoxanthin. (Left: female average, from various data sources)

higher concentration ratio of β-Cryptoxanthin

One of the studies conducted through a 4 year period shows that people who have a higher concentration ratio of β-Cryptoxanthin tend to face less risk of osteoporosis.

(The above graphs are from “Nutritional Epidemiologic Survey of the Relationship between Satsuma Mandarin Intake and the Risk of Lifestyle-related Diseases : Mikkabi Prospective Cohort Study by Minoru Sugiura, Okitsu Cirus Research Station (NIFTS), National Agriculture and Food Research Organization (NARO), 485-6 Okitsunaka-cho, Shimizu, Shizuoka, Japan / Nippon Shokuhin Kagaku Kodak Kaishi 61 (8), 2014, Copyright © 2014, Japanese Society for Food Science and Technology doi : 10.3136/nskkk.61.373)

A major Japanese manufacturer succeeded in extracting β-Cryptoxanthin as a health food ingredient. Juveriente®’s Bone Strength Complex was developed to bring its fantastic health benefits to everyone around the world.

This product also contains major nutrients for bone health.

In a nutshell, Juveriente®’s Bone Strength Complex provides you the cellular level solution as well as necessary nutrients for your bone health.

bone strength complex formula
 Bone Strength Complex Formula
Bone Strength Complex Supplement Facts
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Juveriente®’s Bone Strength Complex is a complex of natural foods, and β-Cryptoxanthin will bring you the health benefit Japanese people are enjoying by eating Satsuma mandarin orange. It may deliver the visible effect to you very soon within a few month, but maybe it takes more. Please take your time and wait for the moderate but firm improvement of your health.

It may deliver the visible effect to you very soon within a few month, but maybe it takes more. Please take your time and wait for the moderate but firm improvement of your health.

This product doesn’t include any allergens stated in laws, but any food can be an allergen for specific individuals. If you feel any unwell, please let us know immediately. We are pleased to accept your return and will refund to you in case you have any issues.