Phosphoric acid and bone health

Phosphorus is vital for your health

Phosphoric acid and bone health have a close link. Phosphorus is an element that plays a vital role in the body. Phosphorus exists as kinds of phosphate, which is phosphoric acid salt.
Almost all phosphorus in the body combines with oxygen to form phosphate. Phosphorus is one of the body’s electrolytes, a mineral that becomes charged when dissolved in fluids such as blood, but most phosphorus in the body is uncharged.

Phosphoric acid and bone health

Bones contain about 85% of the phosphorus in the body. The rest are mainly inside the cell and are involved in energy production. Phosphorus is an essential substance for the formation of bones and teeth. It is also a building block of several vital substances, such as the substances cells use to make energy, cell membranes, and DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid).

Foods to contain phosphorous

Phosphorus is obtained from food and excreted in the urine and sometimes in the stool. How much is excreted in the stool depends on how much you absorb from foods. In this talk about the phosphoric acid and bone health, you will like to know what food contains it richly. They are milk, egg yolks, chocolate, and soft drinks.


A condition in which the concentration of phosphorus in the blood is deficient.
Phosphorus is one of the body’s electrolytes, a mineral that becomes charged when dissolved in fluids such as blood while most phosphorus in the body is uncharged.

Hypophosphatemia may be acute or chronic.

acute hypophosphatemia

In acute hypophosphatemia, the phosphorus level in the blood suddenly drops to dangerous levels. Acute hypophosphatemia can develop in people who are recovering from conditions such as

Severe undernutrition (such as starvation)
diabetic ketoacidosis
severe alcoholism
severe burns
A sudden drop in phosphorus levels can lead to arrhythmias and death.

chronic hypophosphatemia

In chronic hypophosphatemia, her phosphorus levels in the blood decrease over time. Chronic hypophosphatemia usually results from excessive phosphate excretion. Causes include:

chronic diarrhea
Long-term use of diuretics
Long-term use of large doses of aluminum antacids
Use of high doses of theophylline (used to treat asthma)

Take Phosphorous from Juveriente® Bone Strength Complex!

You can also take care of phosphoric acid and bone health through supplements.  Juveriente’s Bone Strength Complex will provide you phosphorous in shape of Tricalcium Phosphate among its vitamin set for bone health while it also helps your bone health from the cellular level. (Learn about it more here.)

Vitamin K benefits for bones

Vitamin K tends to short for your bone formulation

In recent years, vitamin K benefits for bones have become apparent.  However, since it is first used in your liver and then acts on the bones, it tends to be deficient for bone building. A lack of vitamin K worsens the risk of fractures and osteoporosis. Among vitamin K, an increasing number of papers indicate that vitamin K2 may be more effective than vitamin K1. Vitamin K1 is found in green vegetables, and vitamin K2 is found in fermented foods such as natto. Paying attention to your diet and avoiding fractures and osteoporosis are the keys to a long and quality life.

The general properties of Vitamin K

Let’s take a look at the more general properties of vitamin K. This is a fat-soluble vitamin that helps blood clot. You will find vitamin K1 (phylloquinone) richly in green leafy vegetables, seaweed, green tea, vegetable oil, etc. Intestinal bacteria in your body will synthesize vitamin K2 (menaquinone)
In regard with the Vitamin K benefits for bones, it activates osteocalcin (a calcium-binding protein) present in bones, promoting the deposition of calcium into bones and preventing outflow. It is also used in the treatment of osteoporosis as it encourages collagen production and improves bone quality.

Remarks in intaking

Vitamin K is fat-soluble and resistant to heat, so cooking with oil, such as frying, is recommended. The fact that many fermented foods like natto and cheese contain rich vitamin K shows such thermal durability of vitamin K.
If you take warfarin (a medicine that prevents blood from forming blood clots), too much vitamin K in your blood may make it less effective. If you are taking such medication, you should consult your doctor and avoid foods that contain a lot of vitamin K, such as natto, broccoli, and spinach.

Foods Rich in Vitamin K

Green leaves and fermented foods contain rich Vitamin K.

Spinach, broccoli, mulukhiyah, natto, wakame seaweed, seaweed, cheese, etc.

Take Vitamin K from Juveriente® Bone Strength Complex!

You can also take vitamin K through supplements. Juveriente’s Bone Strength Complex will provide you vitamin K among its vitamin set for bone health while it also helps your bone health from the cellular level. (Learn about it more here.)

Satsuma Mandarin Orange – Delicious Winter Tradition in Japan

Satsuma mandarin orange, the base of Juveriente® Bone Strength Complex

The key functional ingredient of Juveriente®’s Bone Strength Complex is a kind of carotenoid, β-Cryptoxanthin. It is added to the product in the shape of the extract powder of Satsuma mandarin orange.

Satsuma mandarin orange, called “Mikan” in Japan, is one of the most popular fruits there. Just for your knowledge, we have picked up some explanation about this tasty fruit from the website of the Japanese agricultural association. (

Plenty of vitamin C essential for beautiful skin

It generally refers to “Wenshu mikan,” which has soft skin. You can peel it by hand. Born in Japan from Chinese citrus fruit, it is a fruit to represent the winter of Japan. Various varieties of “Satsuma Mandarin Orange” exist. Their brand names are based on the places of production and cultivation method. It is available all year round and is grown in greenhouses from May to September. It is a treasure trove of vitamins necessary for recovering from fatigue, preventing and recovering from colds, and making beautiful skin.

Nutrition of mandarin orange (Wenzhou Mikan)

Rich in vitamin C. The pith and bags of mandarin oranges contain vitamin P, which they say strengthen capillaries. So please don’t throw them away and eat them together. β-Cryptoxanthin is the orange component of mandarin oranges. It is noted for its anti-cancer effect.

Green Satsuma Mandarin Orange

Do you know green Mikan? It is the unripe fruits of Satsuma mandarin oranges. Its diameter is about 2 cm, harvested in the latter half of July.
Polyphenols, which strengthen blood vessels and exert anti-allergic effects, are in large amounts in the skin, bag, and pith. Unripe mandarin oranges are overwhelmingly more common among mandarin oranges.

Intestinal Environment – the key of your good health and beauty

We get nutrients from the food we eat every day to survive. We take necessary nutrients into the body through the small intestine and discharge unnecessary things such as food waste as feces. Defecation is a critical activity in our lives.

However, stool contains a lot of information that informs the condition of the large intestine. Feces, a barometer of health, is 80% water. In constipation, water is down to around 70%, and it may be more than 90% in diarrhea. 20% of ingredients other than water are “food debris,” “peeled intestinal mucosa,” and “intestinal bacteria.” Each gram of stool contains 1 trillion of these intestinal bacteria, and the type of bacteria varies from person to person.

The approximately 1,000 types influence the intestinal environment and 100 to 1,000 trillion intestinal bacteria living in the intestine. Intestinal bacteria include good bacteria that have a positive effect on people, harmful bacteria that have a terrible impact on people, and opportunistic bacteria that work in favor of good or bad bacteria.

The “intestinal environment” is determined by the balance of these three intestinal bacteria, and the state in which good bacteria work predominantly is called a “good intestinal environment” or a “good intestinal environment.” Depending on the power of good bacteria that work well and harmful bacteria that work negatively, the health condition of the intestines changes day by day.

Menopause and Fatigue

Approximately 70% of menopausal women suffer from “menopause and fatigue”.

What are your symptoms?

After strenuous exercise or long periods of backbreaking work, we all feel tired and lethargic. However, it usually goes away with rest and sleep. However, women in the menopausal generation may feel tired all the time. Hobbies and small errands that you used to enjoy are not enjoyable for you any more. “I don’t want to do them,” “It’s troublesome to meet people,” and “It’s a hassle to go out.” It leads to a decrease in motivation and energy, depression, and irritability. There are many things around the menopause and fatigue.

What is the cause?

As women age, their ovarian function declines, and estrogen (female hormone) levels drop sharply. A part of the brain, the hypothalamus, controls the secretion of estrogen. But it can’t make the body secrete estrogen no matter how many commands it issues. Eventually, it confuses the hypothalamus. In this way, the brain and body become unbalanced due to hormonal imbalance during menopause. (About five years before and after menopause).  Menopause is when the body and brain work hard to restore this imbalance. It causes hot flashes (hot flashes, hot flashes, sweating), coldness, stiff shoulders, dizziness, ringing in the ears, headaches, depression, and anxiety.  A variety of emotional and physical disorders can occur.

In addition, menopause is also a time of significant changes in life, such as increased work responsibilities, nursing care for parents, and independence for children. These stresses in life can be a burden on the mind and body without knowing it. Most people will recover after menopause, so it is essential to spend time in a “slow rhythm” without blaming yourself or worrying that you may be lazy for not being able to care for yourself properly. Menopause and fatigue is a natural issue. Also, during this period, physical strength declines, and health changes are significant, so it is crucial to keep in mind healthy habits that you can do without overdoing them in your daily life, such as eating and exercise.

Disturbance of autonomic nerves

*The hypothalamus in the brain controls the secretion of hormones, but at the same time, it also plays a role in adjusting the autonomic nervous system. In this way, when the hormones are imbalanced in menopause and the hypothalamus is confused, the balance of autonomic nerves is disturbed. The autonomic nervous system has active sympathetic nerves that work mainly during the day and parasympathetic nerves that work at night for relaxation. During menopause, the autonomic nervous system tends to be disturbed due to hormonal imbalance, but keeping regular routines and taking care of breathing will help adjust the autonomic nervous system.

Breathing stimulates the sympathetic nerves with inhaling and the parasympathetic nerves with exhaling. So it will put your body into sleep mode, that you take deep breaths while consciously exhaling slowly before going to bed. A good rest is essential to alleviate sluggishness and fatigue. Please be aware of this.

easy self-care against menopause and fatigue

Aglycon-type isoflavone has shown to have an effect similar to drinking estrogen. It is one of the great ideas to take supplements with this special isoflavone. Take supplements or get them from your diet.
(Juveriente®’s EFFISOY® is the only supplement to contain the Aglycon isoflavone outside Japan.)

It would be better to take vitamins that are effective against the issues from menopause and fatigue from well-balanced foods, such as vitamins B1, C, and E, in your daily diet.

Foods that contain a lot of each are as follows.

(Vitamin) B1: pork, eel, liver, brown rice
C: green and yellow vegetables (broccoli, red peppers, etc.), fruits (strawberries, lemons, etc.), potatoes (potatoes, sweet potatoes, etc.), green tea
E: Nuts (almonds, etc.), avocados, green and yellow vegetables (pumpkin, mulukhiyah, etc.), olive oil

If you continue to have only sharrow sleep, you won’t be able to get rid of fatigue enough, and you won’t feel well. Avoid being sleep-deprived by keeping moderate exercises and adjusting your daily rhythm.
Menopausal women tend to get tired quickly when their sleep is short because of the lack of estrogen.

Support from family and friends is also essential. It would be nice if people knew that menopause is easy to get tired and that they could feel free to talk about their worries. And ask for help with household chores when you need it.

Natural Immune Booster, Effisoy®

Are you looking for a strong immune booster supplement?

We are all under the severe threat of COVID-19, but, as everybody knows, there is no vaccine yet, unfortunately. You may be looking for some medicines or supplements to make you immune immediately. But, no one resolution has a drastic effect. But we have to protect ourselves through various basic and natural hygiene and health practices.

The first and most important things are that you wash your hands and throat frequently. The number of people affected by the flu is lower by 60% compared to last year in Japan. It will be attributed to the improvement of such basic hygiene practices. So they will also be protective against other viruses, including COVID-19.

Another important thing is to keep up your immunity sound. There are many factors to affect your immune system.

Believe or not, (or maybe already well known?) smiling is one of the most definite immune boosters. You can read many studies nowadays. (For example, here is one by Mayo clinic.) In addition to smiling, there are also some basic practices. Having some exercises, taking various foods, sleeping well, and managing your stress. (Read this Huff Post article for such solutions.)

The other popular answer is that you take fermented foods. Over 60% of your immune cells and antibody protein against aggressors exist in your gut. Fermented foods will keep up the better balance of your enteric bacteria and support such immune cells and antibodies.

Yogurt will be the most familiar fermented food for you. But other fermented foods, Miso (fermented soy), Natto (fermented soy), Kimchi, etc., may be hard for you to eat.

Effisoy will be an easy and natural alternation to such Asian fermented foods. Its key ingredient is the extract of fermented soybean germ. Effisoy works as a natural immune booster through multiple courses not limited in the sense that it is made of Japanese fermented food.

First of all, we need to explain to you its effect as made of the fermented soybean germ, AglyMax. Fermented soy is off course, known to support the immune system. 

This natural ingredient has another excellent feature, high antioxidant capacity. It is higher than some great antioxidant ingredients, Gingko Biloba and Pine Bark extract, as shown in the table.

An excellent antioxidant also supports your immunity.

There is one more course. If your sleep is improved and your mood swing is stabilized, it will also prop up your immune system. Effisoy will help you as an immune booster through such multiple courses.

menopause natural relief and anti aging product

Magical Remedies in Your Backyard (Natural Anti Aging Techniques #3 by Kristen Sawyer).Juveriente®

It’s amazing how the skincare industry can advertise a thousand different creams, each with a promise of a miracle cure for sun spots or laugh lines, when one of the most powerful remedies waits in your own backyard and the grocery store. Aloe vera is one of the best remedies you can apply to your skin, both during menopause, which can cause the skin to dry, as well as part of a daily routine to hydrate, nourish, and love the skin a little deeper.

Aloe vera has long been known as a cure for burns. Whenever a child gets a burn on the hand from touching a hot dish, or a teenager spends too much time out in the sun without sunscreen, aloe vera is the go-to remedy. But this succulent, part of the Asphodelaceae family, contains a powerful cocktail of antioxidants, vitamins, and enzymes. It is powerfully anti-inflammatory, and inflammation is one of the major struggles with aging. Aloe vera, when applied topically, works as a smooth exfoliant. The enzymes gently cleanse away dead follicles, and can help prevent future signs of aging.

Renewing the Skin
aloe vera gel benefits for skin
aloe vera gel for skin

The triple dosage of beta carotene, vitamin C and E all help provide the skin with more elasticity as the antioxidants smooth and nourish the contours of the face. Simultaneously, the giberellin in aloe vera acts as a growth hormone which helps the skin heal old scars or wounds. This same ingredient can work with sun spots as well. The combination of these active ingredients and the antioxidants help to create a mask that soothes and cleanses at the same time.

Applying the Green Gel

Incorporating aloe vera into a daily routine is simple. If your skin is oily, aloe vera can work as a moisturizer as well, meaning you can apply it in the morning after cleansing the face. At night, after cleansing, gently rubbing aloe vera into the face and neck is all that is required. You can cut a stem from an aloe vera plant if you live in an region where the succulent grows or where you can grow one inside. You can also buy the processed aloe vera gel at the store, though the actual plant is best. Cutting the stem of an aloe plant is a small practice in gratitude in and of itself. If you want to add an extra dose of healing power, look for an aloe vera gel that also contains the oil of calendula, a flower known for its healing properties and strong antioxidants.

Aging Gracefully
aloe vera skin care benefits

Ultimately, when the body ages, the greatest remedy to the process is the powerful act of acceptance, of leaning into aging with grace and curiosity. Everybody is different, and the skin often holds the woes of decades prior. The layers of the skin show damage that was inflicted years before. Too much tanning, battles with acne, scars from times long ago–these are the current decorations that the skin holds. Every woman’s skin is her own story. By applying a gel, like aloe vera, with care is not just to nourish the skin with simple, natural ingredients; it is also a ritual in self-love. Rubbing soothing aloe vera into the skin, looking at your beautiful eyes in the mirror–these small practices are curative in and of themselves. Your skin will thank you, but your heart will be even more grateful that you’re taking time to look at the beautiful woman you are, to love each line as the laugh that it held, and to nourish the skin that has carried you through this world thus far. That skin, your body, are prepared and preparing for many more adventures to come. Menopause is by no means the end. It is a new beginning.

To find natural solution to your menopause symptoms is the best solution, which is inexpensive and safe as well. Today Juveriente® brings you the best and all natural relief for menopause.

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