About Ingredients: Japanese women are known for their healthy diet, long life expectancy, and more comfortable menopause experience.

Their health is based on their traditional diet and their health concept, ISHOKU-DOGEN meaning that medical and food are from the same root.

Japanese health industry evolved uniquely based on the secret of such Japanese health, featured with natural ingredients that are mild, safe, effective, and often manufactured by major companies with their high quality standard. Most of them intend to natural health improvement from within.

About Juveriente: We started as a B to B trading company to export natural health ingredients from Japan in April 2012.

We incorporated Juveriente® in California in 2016 to introduce such Japanese health ingredients to the world in our supplement brand, Juveriente®.

Why Juveriente: We believed that some of the unique Japanese natural health ingredients were precisely what western women needed.

Juveriente Effisoy is Japanese approach to menopause, hot flashes and anti-aging solution.


We introduced them to American supplement companies, but they didn’t show interest probably because they tend to use already well-known ingredients with a cheaper cost for their easy marketing rather than pursuing the real benefit of the customers.

Even though there are such solutions, they are of the hands of western women. We learned that the only course we can deliver them would be through our brand.

It was a massive challenge for us. We are a small business, had no experience of B to C business and online marketing. Nothing guaranteed anything.

We didn’t know how to have people know those ingredients and our products and could make few sales in the first year. But, the concept and the actual benefits of those products made their lovers and believers one by one.

Today, we are delighted to see messages and product reviews, from those who changed their lives with the natural solutions we brought from Japan.


Address: South Grand Avenue Suite 2450 PMB #920, Los Angeles, CA 90071

Tel: +1-213-457-3247

e-mail: juverientectt@gmail.com

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