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Have you been tired of your venture in pursuit of real menopause relief and osteoporosis relief in vain?

Fermented Supplement Effisoy
Effisoy will help your immune system with its power of fermented soy bean germ from Japan.

There is one area you might not have reached yet. Traditional Japanese diets, which make Japanese women healthy as natural menopause relief and osteoporosis relief.

Fantastic Japanese Women’s Health

Japanese women

Do you know that Japanese women are known for their;

(1) far lower onset ratio of breast cancer. (A research is here.)

(2) far easier menopause experiences. (An article is here.

(3) life expectancy, one of the longest in the world. (An article is here)

(For details: 3 facts to show how Japanese women are healthy)

What makes them so healthy?

A complex of various elements will be backing their such good health known in the world. Among them, their traditional dietary habit will be one of the essential elements. Clinical reports show how fermented soy, usually taken as Miso soup, mitigates menopause symptoms. Satsuma mandarin orange, “Mikan” in Japanese, one of the most popular fruits in Japan, is reported to help bone health, restrain fat cell, or thin face stains.

Miso Soup from fermented soybeanMikan, Satsuma mandarin orange

Link to “7 Healthy points of Japanese diet and techniques to take them into your life”

“How can I take the benefits of healthy Japanese diet?”

You can take such Japanese foods in your daily diet…??? Umm. It may be possible. But, off course, never be practical. Sushi is already a popular Japanese food in the Western world, but nobody (or few people, if any) take Sushi frequently at home. Then what about internationally minor foods?? (though popular in Japan.)

Then, SUPPLEMENTS will be an easy solution.

You’ve never heard of such supplements?

There are already extracts of fermented soy bean germ and Satsuma mandarin orange. But, only in Japan. They are extracted from first-class manufacturers respectively. Supplements of them are already in their market with excellent reputations.

They are helping many Japanese women, but supplement brands in Western countries, like the USA, UK, and Australia have never introduced them to their customers because they are something “unknown” in their markets. 

JUVERIENTE® can help you.


Effisoy from fermented soyBone strength complex

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