How far have you come for real menopause, and osteoporosis relieves in vain? 

Follow those who are relieved. They are Japanese women.

Do you like Japanese food? Then take a step further and take in the same benefits from their dietary habits. 

Everybody thinks Japanese women are healthy, but the facts are beyond amazing. It doesn’t stop at their long life expectancies. Their cancer onset ratio and the mortality rate are far lower than American women. In addition, their menopause experiences are much easier.

Dietary therapies vs medical treatments

We never mean to pitch any alternative medicine. We respect the mainstream medical treatments.

Yet even physicians will not only prescribe medicines but also suggest the improvement of your eating habits. We should also keep it in our minds that effective drugs sometimes have strong side effects. (e.g., hormone replacement therapy increases the risk of breast cancer. Bisphosphonate, one of the popular osteoporosis medicine, can cause jaw osteonecrosis.)

Ancient oriental thought, Ishoku-Dogen, means “medicines and foods have the same roots.” It places much more importance on a daily and basic diet before getting some sick and striving for something magical treatments. 

Juveriente® brings you Japanese “dietary therapies.”

The “Ishoku-Dogen” value firmly lays down in the base of the health industry and even the medical industry in Japan. Thus many health foods and ingredients are supplied as essences of natural dietary therapies rather than alternative medicines.

Few brands introduce many of them in the Western markets, probably due to the cultural difference. (In the meantime, for example, one of the popular health ingredients in the West, black cohosh, was a native American medicine.)

Juveriente®’s mission is to bring you some of the most prominent therapies by credible suppliers there, of which even the people in the Western world have rights to know. It should not be prevented by the cognition bias (availability heuristic and confirmation bias) of the existing supplement brands against things from the different culture.

We focused on the following 2 fantastic stories about Japanese diets and osteoporosis, and menopause relieves. 

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