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Regardless if it’s Covid-19 or any other viruses, important measures to protect your health against them are always simple. Wash your hands and throat frequently. And keep up your immunity. What help your immunity will be, smiling, keeping off stress, taking various foods, sleeping well, doing exercise, and having fermented foods.

Effisoy will help such measures as a natural menopause relief, and also be expected to help you as a supplement made of a fermented food.


2020.Jan.25th: Juveriente® Bone Strengthening Complex is in soft capsules now. 3 capsules / day provides exactly the same functional ingredients are the old 2 tablets / day.

Address your menopause naturally / Take the health secrets of Japanese women

Some reports say they;

(1) have far lower onset ratio of breast cancer. (A research is here.)

(2) have far easier menopause experiences. (An article is here.)

(3) are one of the countries of the longest life expectancy in the world. (An article is here.)

 We are aiming to bring you extracts from their traditional foods, which are contributing to the Japanese people’s health. Such foods are quite common in Japan, and everybody knows them there. But it is not easy for other people to take such Japanese foods daily. Sushi is already popular in many countries. But few people will take it every day. Then how about more minor Japanese foods, like Miso soup or Satsuma mandarin orange? (Even though they are popular in Japan.) It will be a too big challenge for you to change your dietary habits far off your lifetime dietary culture.

Juveriente® Bone Strengthening Complex
Juveriente® Bone Strengthening Complex from Satsuma Mandarin Orange

 Taking a supplement is an easy way to utilize their health benefits. Besides, the ingredients we bring from Japan are reliable in their quality management and the science backing.
 Japan is a country of sophisticated manufacturing technology and management. The key ingredient of our Effisoy®, AglyMax, is extracted by a subsidiary of one of the major food manufacturers in Japan. One of the major listed enterprises derives Beta Cryptoxanthin from Satsuma Mandarin Orange. Both manufacturers have high standards of quality management, and they introduce such natural ingredients based on their careful studies.

Juveriente® Effisoy / Menopause Relief
Effisoy® for natural menopause relief, hinted from Japanese fermented soy bean paste, Miso.

 Those ingredients have already been in the Japanese market with good reputations. But why Juveriente® is the only supplement brand to introduce them outside Japan?
Even such extracts from popular Japanese foods are yet something new for non-Japanese supplement brands. They don’t try to understand those ingredients even when the benefits are in front of them as facts.

 But we Juveriente® know them as a company originated from the Japanese food industry. We believe we have a duty to introduce the Japanese natural health solutions from within to everybody outside Japan.

 Fortunately, we have received a lot of happy voices from our customers even during the short time since our launching. It will be our ultimate happiness that more women will share the health benefits of traditional Japanese foods through Juveriente® supplements.

Partnered with and recommended by Dr.Melissa of Natural Health Resources.

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