Beta Cryptoxanthin: A Third Party Clinical Report for its Bone Health Effect

Bone strength complex

The main functional ingredient of Juveriente’s Bone Strength Complex is Beta Cryptoxanthin contained in Satsuma mandarine extract powder. Some clinical studies back its bone health improvement effect and we wrote it in one of our posts “Clinical Study of the Natural Treatment for Osteoporosis with β-Cryptoxanthin”.

As I did an internet search with “Beta Cryptoxanthin”, I found another clinical report by an institute, totally a third party and having no relation with our ingredient supplier in Japan. This report discusses the bone health improvement effect of Beta Cryptoxanthin.

The Details of the Clinical Report

The title is “Absorption, metabolism, and functions of Beta cryptoxanthin.” (Published online 2016 Jan 11. doi: 10.1093/nutrit/nuv064, Nutrition Reviews 2016 Feb; 74(2): 69–82.)

The authors, B.J. Burri, M.R. La Frano, and C. Zhu are with the Western Human Nutrition Research Center, US Department of Agriculture/Agricultural Research Service, Department of Nutrition, University of California, Davis, California, USA.

Now I pick and show you some interesting points from this clinical report, which back the bone support effect of Beta Cryptoxanthin.

(remark: This report uses the Greek letter for β-Cryptoxcanthin, but I modified it into Beta Cryptoxanthin here for clarity. )

Boost of Bone Formation

(1) Moderate (probably physiological) concentrations of Beta cryptoxanthin appeared to increase calcium content, protein content, and alkaline phosphatase activity in bone in vitro / Both calcium and alkaline phosphatase participate in the mineralization of bone.

(2) Beta Cryptoxanthin also appeared to stimulate gene expression for proteins involved in bone formation and mineralization in osteoblasts

(3) Furthermore, Beta cryptoxanthin stimulated runt-related transcription factor 2 , a key transcription factor associated with osteoblast differentiation.

(4) Rats fed moderately high doses of Beta cryptoxanthin (50–100 µg/kg body weight) in combination with zinc sulfate (zinc, 1–5 mg/kg body weight) for 1 week showed increases of alkaline phosphatase activity and calcium concentrations in diaphyseal tissues.

(5) Additionally, young male or older female rats fed high doses of Beta cryptoxanthin (100–500 µg/kg body weight) for 1 week also showed increased alkaline phosphatase and calcium in diaphyseal and metaphyseal tissues.

Inhibition of Bone Resorption

(1) In vitro, Beta cryptoxanthin inhibited bone resorption induced by parathyroid hormone or prostaglandin E2 by preventing osteoclast cell formation by receptor activator of nuclear factor κB ligand (RANKL).

(2) Beta Cryptoxanthin decreased the number of mature osteoclasts in culture, an action that was inhibited by inhibitors of capase-3, suggesting that Beta cryptoxanthin was inducing apoptotic cell death.

(3) Furthermore, several laboratories found that feeding moderate doses of β-cryptoxanthin to ovarectimized rats inhibited bone loss134,139,141 and periodontal bone resorption.140

Natural Beta Cryptoxanthin from a Natural Supplement

A cohort study in Japan reports that blood concentration of Beta cryptoxanthin, which is richly contained in Satsuma mandarin orange, shows a strong correlation. But, it is rather indigenous to Japan and China, and hard to take for people in other regions.  Juveriente®’s natural bone supplement, “Bone Strength Complex” brings you its essence to you as a natural supplement. Since its launching in 2016, it has gathered positive feedbacks as the following.

Mandarin Orange

“I have been taking Juveriente Bone Strength Complex for two years. I was waiting for my bone density test this year to write a review. My bone density test results improved. I was diagnosed with Osteoporosis two years ago. The prescription medications for Osteoporosis have too many side affects and I was looking for a good alternative. I am proud to report this product works and has no side affects. The gel capsules are easy to swallow.” (Nov. 17th 2022, a product review for our Amazon shop)

The main functional ingredient is simply an extract of a Japanese popular citrus fruit. Needless to say, it is better to try a natural food before jumping to strong medicines. Please learn details in our product page.


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