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Launched in 2016 to bring you a common and easy solution for menopausal symptoms in Japan, miso (fermented soy), as its extract in a supplement.

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The only product of many which was ever a game-changer.

(Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on April 21, 2023)


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Japanese women are known for far easier menopause experiences. Why?

It is well known in Japan recently that fermented soy, which is miso paste, containing isoflavone supports women’s health. It must be from “fermented” soy because the fermentation resolve it into absorbable shape.

Juveriente®’s EFFISOY® is the only supplement to contain isoflavone from fermented soybean, outside Japan.

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Contains a natural ingredient, AglyMax, prescribed at over 200 women’s health support centers in Japan. Enjoy a popular natural menopausal solution from Japan made from a Japanese traditional food, miso, which is a secret of Japanese women’s health.

1 review for Japanese AM/PM Menopause Supplement EFFISOY

  1. D.R.

    Effisoy is a game changer, I am 52 and this product completely stopped my crazy Hot Flashes and frustrating mood swings associated with Menopause. Feeling well “normal” again after changing hormones and needing to go outside at -20 degrees barefooted to stop the sweat while ringing wet like I’ve been to the gym. I missed a day of course and well guess what? Yup
    they came back that’s how I knew this product was really helping. Highly recommend to all women experiencing Menopause Symptoms.

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