Japanese AM/PM Menopause Supplement EFFISOY


“Oh wow. Thank you for this product. I was suffering. Suffering! After a couple of weeks most of my hot flashes and night sweats are gone.” (from a review in our Amazon shop)


Japanese women are known for far easier menopause experiences. Why?

They have a dietary culture to drink Miso Soup everyday. One of the famous Japanese manufacturer, Nichimo, found out that the special isoflavone contained in Miso, fermented soy, enhances the weakened DHEA synthesis ability of women by age. DHEA is a precursor of estrogen, but will ease your empty estrogen receptor as it is, without turning into estrogen safely because the found ingredient, isoflavone aglycone (brand named AglyMax) also restrains DHEA from turning into estrogen.

This system also protects your estrogen receptor from too much hormonal stimulation and found to be beneficial for your general health.

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Contains a natural ingredient, AglyMax, prescribed at over 200 women’s health support centers in Japan. Enjoy a popular natural menopausal solution from Japan made from a Japanese traditional food, miso, which is a secret of Japanese women’s health.


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