Easier Menopause Experiences of Japanese Women and Miso Soup, and Effisoy®

1 soup 3 dishes is the traditional Japanese meal style

Japanese women have far easier menopause experiences.

Japanese women are known for their far easier menopause experience than westerners. It’s not by special supplements, but by their traditional dietary habit.

Miso is a fermented soy paste, and most Japanese take miso soup every day. Many doctors in Japan attribute the reason for Japanese more effortless menopause experiences to this traditional dietary habit. The fermentation removes sugar from its isoflavone and makes it absorbable for everybody. (Otherwise, you need to remove it with your intestinal bacterial set. But only 1/3 of even Japanese, who are used to a soy diet, have right intestinal conditions to make it within the short time of the digestion. Much less portion of Westerners do.)

Revealed science why fermented soy helps menopause women

One of the most prominent seafood and marine business enterprise in Japan, Nichimo Co., Ltd., started their clinical researches about soy for the benefit of their aqua farming business in the 1990s. They eventually focused on the relieving effect of fermented soy for menopausal symptoms. (remark: They clinically researched fermented soybean germ, because it’s rich in the useful isoflavone, daidzein type.)

They found the following facts through their various clinical researches before they launched the fermented soybean germ extract, named “AglyMax®” in 1999. (Just for your reference, the isoflavone from fermented soy is called “isoflavone aglycone

 (1)Isoflavone’s power as phytoestrogen is negligibly weak, about 1/1,000 – 1/10,000. It moderately helps you when estrogen is short. Vice versa, it prevents estrogen receptors from too much stimulation when you have enough estrogen.

(2)Your bio function increases your DHEA (estrogen precursor) in line with your natural balance. The isoflavone aglycone recovers your waned synthesis ability of it.

(3) DHEA has no estrogen power as it is. It sticks to your empty estrogen receptor and improves your hormonal imbalance. There is no hormonal stimulation there. 

(4) The isoflavone aglycone prevents DHEA from turning into estrogen excessively. As a result, your empty estrogen receptor will be eased without any excessive hormonal stimulation.  (If you take an external DHEA supplement, DHEA will be turned into estrogen out of control and causes various side effects.)

Various anti-aging benefits of the safe hormone rebalancing

The benefits of the safe hormone rebalancing by the natural recovery of DHEA synthesis will not stop at the relief of menopausal disorders. It will improve your aging phenomena, mitigates your fatigue, and boosts your muscle. Regained muscle will boost your metabolism and helps to lose weight.

Meanwhile, how about HRT – Hormonal Replacement Treatment?

We keep our position to respect the mainstream treatments, and HRT will be practical and useful for menopause relief. But it depends on artificially added hormonal stimulation while the isoflavone aglycone rebalances the estrogen receptor without additional hormonal stimulation.

Thus HRT requires doctor’s careful management with regular estrogen tests. It adds some hefty cost to the cost of estrogen medicines.

Besides, we should keep it in our mind that such additional hormonal stimulation could raise the risk of breast cancer. 

Is miso the ultimate solution?

YES, for some. Taking a cup of miso soup every morning (or evening) will be an easy health solution. But, why the supplements with AglyMax® have been in the Japanese market, where most people drink miso soup everyday?

A cup of miso soup, with the traditional Japanese miso soup cup (called “owan”), contains 6mg of isoflavone aglycone, roughly by average. It may be helping a lot of Japanese women. But, every person has a different dosage for her relief. The dosage used in a clinical study by Nichimo, for a lot of women having severe menopausal disorders, was 20mg / day.

26mg of the isoflavone aglycone (the dosage from a cup of miso soup and the addition) cause another health problem. Miso contains a high concentration of salt. 26mg equals about 4 cups of miso soup a day, and it provides too much salt for health.

There is another challenge for western women. Changing your dietary habit is not easy. Besides, fermented foods from different dietary cultures often taste odd to you. (It is a matter of flavor, accurately.) Umami (taste) is global, but the flavor is local, as we explain in our article, “Fermented Soybeans.”

Introducing the dietary therapy to western women

Nichimo has been supplying its dietary supplement with AglyMax® and helped a lot of women since 1999 in Japan. It helps menopausal symptoms as well as senile disorders, and a lot of people continue it even after their menopause period.

We used to be only a Japanese B to B food ingredient exporter. We tried to introduce AglyMax®, the fermented soybean germ extract containing isoflavone aglycone, to various American supplement brands about a several years ago. We believed it would safely help many women suffering from menopausal disorders. The function of it is a different approach from any existing medicines and supplements in the western markets, based on the daily diet (in Japan) and the ancient oriental idea, Ishoku-Dogen.

But none of them showed actual interest in the ingredient, probably because it was unfamiliar to them. Soy is considered as a healthy human food in Japan, but not elsewhere.

Finally, we decided to introduce Japanese dietary solutions under our new brand, Juveriente®, over our no experience of B to C marketing nor online business. We named our dietary supplement (or better to be expressed as an alternative diet) with AglyMax® as “Effisoy®.” You can take the healthy Japanese dietary therapy without changing your daily diet now.

From no recognition to a lot of happy voices

We launched Effisoy® on Dec. 2017 with no name recognition. Nobody, or few people, if any, knew even the benefit of isoflavone aglycone or fermented soy. Various people around us cautioned us we would fail, or nobody would need it. We were also nervous but just insisted on our belief that the real solution will eventually pass through those who need it.

The turning point was when we encountered Dr.Melissa, 100 thousand follower doctor YouTuber now. She immediately understood the value of Effisoy® and introduced it to her followers.

The users gradually increased because of her recommendation at first. Then the steady relief experience boosted the number of positive reviews and the repeat purchase ratio.

The repeat purchase order ratio by sales in the last quarter reached 55%, and there are a lot of long term repeaters like 8 – 10 times or even 18 – 21 times. (The high repeat purchase order ratio also means our brand publicity is yet weak, though, as a small business.)

Some examples of the Amazon reviews

“I really enjoy this project. I have tried other products and since I switched to this, my hot flashes have been under control. Also, drinking lots of water, a healthy diet and exercise is a great complement to the product. I’m a fan”

“Effisoy was suggested by my naturopath doctor, Dr. Melissa Gallagher, to add to my vitamin regimen. I had a bladder prolapse. I have been taking this supplement for about a year and a half and I like it a lot. It digests well and the symptoms of heaviness and leaking are way less. I believe soy has the ability to slow aging. I’m 62 and am told often that I look younger. There is controversy about soy, in general about GMO’s and quality. I trust Dr. Gallagher on this. (You can find many of her videos online) She writes that it’s one of her favorite products and it is good for me too.”

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Learn how Japanese women are healthy and take their health secret with JUVERIENTE®

effisoy bottle and label


Effisoy is a complex of natural foods, and the isoflavone aglycone (AglyMax) will bring you the healthy dietary habit of Japanese women, who are known for long life expectancy and far easier menopausal experience.

It may deliver the effect to you very soon like a month, but maybe it takes a few months or more. Please take your time and wait for the moderate but firm improvement of your health.

There is a little possibility of side effects, that maca extract will widen your blood vessel and, in case your blood has been somehow sticky, the influx of the blood into your brain may cause a little headache.

This product doesn’t include any allergens stated in laws, but any food can be an allergen for specific individuals. If you feel any unwell, please let us know immediately. We are pleased to accept your return and will refund to you in case you have any issues.

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