EFFISOY: Reverse Your Hormonal Imbalance Naturally

Reverse your hormonal imbalance through your biofunction, without excessive hormonal stimulation. 

Japanese womenJapanese women are known for their far easier menopause experience than westerners. It’s not by special supplements, but by their traditional dietary habit. You can reverse your hormonal imbalance naturally and easily by taking it into your diet. Take Miso soup, fermented soy bean paste soup, everyday.

   Is it difficult? Then, take the essence of it with EFFISOY. Its key ingredient is simply a fermented soy bean germ extract, called AglyMax®, containing isoflavone aglycone. Isoflavone aglycone is totally different from standard isoflavones from non-fermented soy.

Effisoy from fermented soy

Fermented soy bean germ extract containing isoflavone aglycone balances your hormone through the following safe steps;

(1) The isoflavone aglycone recovers your waned DHEA (estrogen precursor) synthesis ability. Your biofunction increases your DHEA in line with your natural balance. 

(2) DHEA has no estrogen power as it is. It sticks to your empty estrogen receptor and improve your hormonal imbalance. There is no hormonal stimulation there. 

(3) The isoflavone prevents DHEA from turning into estrogen excessively. As the result, your empty estrogen receptor will be eased without any excessive hormonal stimulation .  (If you take a external DHEA supplement, DHEA will be turned into estrogen off the control and causes various side effects.)

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AglyMax® has been helping many women in Japan (there are yet having heavier symptoms than their average.)  Juveriente® introduced it through EFFISOY® in 2017 and have received a lot of voices of joy since then. 


EFFISOY also contains maca root extract and DIM popular natural menopause relief ingredients. 

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Learn how Japanese women are healthy and take their health secret with JUVERIENTE®

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Effisoy is a complex of natural foods, and the isoflavone aglycone (AglyMax) will bring you the healthy dietary habit of Japanese women, who are known for long life expectancy and far easier menopausal experience.

It may deliver the effect to you very soon like a month, but maybe it takes a few months or more. Please take your time and wait for the moderate but firm improvement of your health.

There is a little possibility of side effects, that maca extract will widen your blood vessel and, in case your blood has been somehow sticky, the influx of the blood into your brain may cause a little headache.

This product doesn’t include any allergens stated in laws, but any food can be an allergen for specific individuals. If you feel any unwell, please let us know immediately. We are pleased to accept your return and will refund to you in case you have any issues.