What is the best way to improve your bone health?

Bone density decreases with age. When bone density decreases, the bones become fragile, and without knowing it, it may lead to the breakage of the back and hips. In addition, even a slight fall can easily lead to fractures. It is so-called osteoporosis.
It is essential to increase bone density to stay healthy for a long time. But what is the bestway to improve your bone health?

Exercise, sleep, and nutrition are vital in building strong bones. This time, Here are the ways how to make strong bones below.

Exercise for bones

Bone stimulation increases bone density. It would be best if you also had muscle strength to keep your bones strong. Move your body with moderate exercise such as walking, running, and lightweight training to stimulate your bones.

[e.g., One-legged gymnastics]
Putting a load on the base of the foot will strengthen the bones. It will also improve the muscle strength and balance of the lower body.
Do it next to a desk that you can easily reach.

■ Gymnastics
Lift one leg 5-10 cm off the floor and hold for 1 minute. Do the same with the opposite leg.
■ How much should I do it?
1 set for left and right, 1 to 3 sets per day

Sleeping will grow bones


Again, what is the best way to improve your bone health?

If you sleep too little or too lightly, your body will not produce growth hormones, which affects bone growth and repair. Get plenty of sunshine during the day, stay active, and try to get a good night’s sleep.

Nutrition for strong bones

Eating a well-balanced diet every day is the basis of good health. Let’s be conscious of adequate nutrients to promote bone metabolism. It will make your bone strong and durable.

■ Calcium
Necessary for bone and tooth formation and muscle contraction. Milk and dairy products contain a lot of and have a high absorption rate. Soybean products and small fish are rich in calcium.
■Vitamin D
It helps absorb calcium and strengthen bones—Salmon, mushrooms, etc. Moderate sunbathing is also effective for its production in the body.
■ Protein
Collagen material enhances bone quality. It is also essential for building muscles that prevent fractures—Meat, fish, eggs, soy products, etc.
■Vitamin K
It activates proteins and works directly on bones to improve bone quality. Abundant in natto (fermented soybean), green and yellow vegetables, eggs, etc.

A natural bone supplement

Juveriente®’s natural bone supplement, “Bone Strength Complex” may be the new best supplement for elderly. Since its launching in 2016, it has gathered positive feedbacks as the following.

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The main functional ingredient is simply an extract of a Japanese popular citrus fruit. Needless to say, it is better to try a natural food before jumping to strong medicines. Please learn details in our product page.



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