3 Essential Nutrients for Bone Health

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Calcium is an essential nutrient for bones. Then, is it safe for bones if you take only calcium? The answer is “NO.” To build healthy bones, it is crucial to take in a well-balanced intake of the 3 essential nutrients for bone health, “calcium,” “vitamin D,” and “vitamin K2,“. Vitamin D and K2 help your body properly absorb calcium and promote its deposition in the bones. The three nutrients shape the “Golden Triangle of Bones.”

[calcium] becomes material for bones and teeth

1 of 3 essential nutrients for bone health

It is an essential nutrient for bones, and at the same time, it is a critical substance in all cell functions and nerve transmission, so a constant concentration is vital in the blood. If you don’t get enough calcium from your diet, your body will extract and use calcium from your bones instead. It leads to brittle bones and teeth.

RICH IN: dairy foods, small fish, sea weed

[Vitamin D] increases absorption of calcium in the intestine

2 of 3 essential nutrients for bone health

A fat-soluble vitamin that helps support bone health. This vitamin aids the absorption of calcium and phosphorus from the intestinal tract, increases blood calcium concentration, and promotes bone formation and mineralization. While you can take it from food, your body will synthesize it through exposure to sunlight. Insufficient vitamin D is a factor that hinders bone growth in children and causes osteoporosis in the elderly.

RICH IN: salmon, dried fish

[Vitamin K2] helps deposit calcium in bones

3 of 3 essential nutrients for bone health

A fat-soluble vitamin made by microorganisms that helps strengthen bones. It is also involved in a protein called osteocalcin, which is necessary for bone formation. It also has a blood-clotting effect that seals wounds when injured. Deficiency can lead to bleeding and osteoporosis. Among vitamin K, we think that vitamin K2 will be able to maintain nutritional status longer.

RICH IN: natto, cheese, beef liver, chicken

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