30 Minutes of Walking Benefits

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30 minutes of walking benefits and tips for making it a habit

Are you exercising for your health?
“I know I should exercise but can’t keep up…”
“I don’t want to do hard exercise…”
Aren’t there a lot of people who think like this?
Here I introduce you to the 30 minutes of walking benefits and tips to make it a habit.

You don’t need special equipment to walk, and it’s easy for anyone to start.
One of my friends started walking 13 years ago.
At first, she started walking to lose weight, but she fell in love with walking, and even now, 13 years later, she still walks every day.

Start walking today! I would be happy if you think so.

The physical and mental benefits of walking

First, I will introduce the physical and mental benefits of 30 minutes walking.
There are many effects of walking, but I will introduce some for you who want to start walking.

Benefits for the body

When you walk, your body uses up energy.
30 minutes walking will consume about 100Kcal of energy. 100Kcal is roughly 38g of bread or 63g of rice.
Some people may wonder, “Is it just a 30-minute walk?”
But what if you do it every day?
100Kcal x 365 days = 36,500Kcal
They say that 7,200 Kcal is required to reduce 1 kg of fat. You will burn 5kg of fat by keeping up 30 minutes walking through one year!

In addition, walking increases energy consumption, reduces fat, and reduces weight to prevent and improve lifestyle-related diseases.
Obesity is defined as a BMI over 25 in the Obesity Classification (Japan Obesity Society).
Obesity and lifestyle-related diseases are closely related, and the risk of lifestyle-related diseases increases.

There are various lifestyle-related diseases as the following;

high blood pressure

Even if you don’t see an improvement from obesity by walking, you can still see the prevention and improvement from lifestyle-related diseases.

Mental benefits

Next, let’s talk about the 30 minutes of walking benefits for your mental health.
Aerobic exercise like walking promotes the secretion of β-endorphin in the blood.
As a result, they say that it promotes the increase of alpha waves, relieves mental tension, and brings you pleasure and psychological health.
Beta endorphins are also known as natural pain-relieving drugs in the brain and are famous for their ability to promote feelings of euphoria and ecstasy.
Surprisingly, walking releases pleasure hormones.
In addition, walking reduces negative emotions such as tension, depression, hostility, fatigue, and confusion and increases positive emotions such as vitality.
I have experienced that walking reduces worries and anxiety and increases exhilaration and fulfillment.

The first step to making 30 minutes walking a habit

“Even if you know the effects of walking, it doesn’t last long.”
I will introduce the first step to making walking a habit.

Start with a 5-minute walk.

As a point to start walking, it is to start with 5 minutes first.
From the beginning, it is essential not to be enthusiastic about “Let’s walk for an hour!”.
Try 5 minutes every day.
When trying to create a new habit, it is much easier to stick to it if you start with something too small.
The brain doesn’t like sudden changes.
An hour’s walk can provide too much shock on your brain.
Start with 5 minutes. It will eventually lead you to 30 minutes of walking and its benefits in the future.

Recommended time for walking

Morning is the recommended time for a 5-minute walk.
Walking in the morning feels great.

Here are three benefits of walking in the morning.

Regulating the biorhythm
Serotonin secretion
Increased health awareness

The human body has an internal clock.
Sunlight, exercise, and diet effectively adjust your body clock rhythm.
Exercising by walking in the morning, bathing in the sunshine, and eating will set your body clock.
Also, when exposed to sunlight, a hormone called “serotonin” is secreted.
“Serotonin” stabilizes mood and appetite.
And exercising in the morning will increase your health awareness.
You will learn to choose healthy foods and move your body naturally.
A morning walk can change how you spend your time afterward.
For this reason, I strongly recommend you walk in the morning.

Points to note when walking

Here are some things to keep in mind in walking:
Have you ever heard that you should walk with a long stride and a big wave of your hand?
I think it’s essential to walk with that kind of posture.
However, you don’t need to walk with long or fast strides when you have just started walking. It just increases your fatigue and makes you annoyed.
The most important thing about posture is to stretch your spine.
Take comfortable strides. That’s it.
In addition, let’s do it at a reasonable pace according to your physical condition and physical strength.
Also, there is a risk of dehydration, so don’t forget to drink water frequently.


This time, I introduced the effects of walking and tips for making it a habit for those who want to start walking.
Walking has benefits both physically and mentally.
Also, your life rhythm will be in place by making it a habit.
I have been walking for more than ten years too, and it has made me physically and mentally healthy.
If you continue for a year, you can feel the change of the four seasons and feel happy about small things every day.
People of any age can walk, and since it does not require any special equipment, it is easy to start.
Although the exercise intensity is low, it is possible to continue.
Would you like to incorporate walking into your life?
I hope your life gets better.

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