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Fermented Supplement Effisoy

Are you looking for a strong immune booster supplement?

We are all under the severe threat of COVID-19, but, as everybody knows, there is no vaccine yet, unfortunately. You may be looking for some medicines or supplements to make you immune immediately. But, no one resolution has a drastic effect. But we have to protect ourselves through various basic and natural hygiene and health practices.

The first and most important things are that you wash your hands and throat frequently. The number of people affected by the flu is lower by 60% compared to last year in Japan. It will be attributed to the improvement of such basic hygiene practices. So they will also be protective against other viruses, including COVID-19.

Another important thing is to keep up your immunity sound. There are many factors to affect your immune system.

Believe or not, (or maybe already well known?) smiling is one of the most definite immune boosters. You can read many studies nowadays. (For example, here is one by Mayo clinic.) In addition to smiling, there are also some basic practices. Having some exercises, taking various foods, sleeping well, and managing your stress. (Read this Huff Post article for such solutions.)

The other popular answer is that you take fermented foods. Over 60% of your immune cells and antibody protein against aggressors exist in your gut. Fermented foods will keep up the better balance of your enteric bacteria and support such immune cells and antibodies.

Yogurt will be the most familiar fermented food for you. But other fermented foods, Miso (fermented soy), Natto (fermented soy), Kimchi, etc., may be hard for you to eat.

Effisoy will be an easy and natural alternation to such Asian fermented foods. Its key ingredient is the extract of fermented soybean germ. Effisoy works as a natural immune booster through multiple courses not limited in the sense that it is made of Japanese fermented food.

First of all, we need to explain to you its effect as made of the fermented soybean germ, AglyMax. Fermented soy is off course, known to support the immune system. 

This natural ingredient has another excellent feature, high antioxidant capacity. It is higher than some great antioxidant ingredients, Gingko Biloba and Pine Bark extract, as shown in the table.

An excellent antioxidant also supports your immunity.

There is one more course. If your sleep is improved and your mood swing is stabilized, it will also prop up your immune system. Effisoy will help you as an immune booster through such multiple courses.

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