Can you build facial muscles? (Smile and skin 4/4)

Smiling Friends

Can you build facial muscles? Yes, by laughing and smiling!

1) Smile expressively!

Can you build facial muscles naturally? Yes, by laughing. Laughter is said to have various health and anti-aging effects. But you you may have some concerns.
Doesn’t laughing make “wrinkles”?
Won’t the wrinkles deepen?
Some people may be worried about the negative aspects of laughter for aging care.

But that is a big mistake.
If you don’t smile because you care about your wrinkles, you’ll end up with signs of aging on your face.

It is because more than 20 facial muscles on the face weaken with age, causing sagging and a double chin.
The best way to train your facial muscles is to smile expressively.

They say that laughter activates muscles, improves blood circulation, and gives you a lively expression and lustrous skin.
If you remain expressionless, your facial muscles will become stiff, the corners of your mouth will droop, and your nasolabial folds will deepen, which is unsuitable for your skin.

2) Can you build the facial muscles with fake smile?

Some may say, “Even if it’s effective for aging care, I don’t laugh that much daily.”

Try raising the corners of your mouth and making a conscious smile. The changes in your facial muscles will transmit to your brain, and your brain will misunderstand that you are feeling happy right now. It will improve the balance of your autonomic nervous system.
It is based on the “facial feedback hypothesis” announced by Dr. Tomkins, an American psychologist.

It’s best to smile from the heart, but I’m glad fake smiles are also effective.
When you look in the mirror, lift the corners of your mouth and increase the anti-aging effect!

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