Clinical Study of the Osteoporosis Improvement with β-Cryptoxanthin

Osteoporosis Clinical Study

Juveriente® Bone Strength Complex has helped many people for their bone health and many of them sent us happy reviews.

The following is one of them;

“Juveriente Bone Strength Complex was highly recommended by a friend of mine who eliminated her osteopenia in just a few months. She had it very well documented with bone density tests. I am at my fourth month of trial. I suffered a fracture of the femur last year, had a hip replacement and am still monitored with x-rays every few months. There appears to be new bone growth according to my doctor. I am happy and will continue using it.”

What makes this product unique is β-Cryptoxanthin, a kind of carotenoid richly contained in Satsuma Mandarin Orange, which is one of the most popular table fruits in Japan.  If you are interested in a clinical backing of such an effect, here is one.

Click here for the clinical study “β-Cryptoxanthin and Bone Metabolism: The Preventive Role in Osteoporosis

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