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Beside hormonal imbalances that we discussed in our previous post, there yet some other challenges against the better nail health.

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Decreased blood flow

Blood flow is also essential for the better nail health because the nails supply nutrients and water from the capillaries that gather in the nail bed. However, with aging, the heart function and muscle strength that pump blood flow gradually decline. In addition, blood vessels, which are the pathways for blood, deteriorate, and blood flow to extremities such as fingertips decreases. As a result, the nails become less nourished and brittle.

Decline in digestive function

We need to obtain the necessary nutrients from food for the better nail health. But as we age, digestive function declines, making it difficult to digest and absorb what we eat. In addition, we eat less meat and fish that contains a lot of protein necessary for nails as we age, and sufficient nutrition does not reach the “nail matrix” where we make nails. It makes it challenging to grow strong nails.

What nutrients do you need for your better nail health?

The main component of nails is a protein called keratin that contains “sulfur.” Various nutrients, including animal and vegetable proteins, are required to form keratin. Minerals such as zinc, iron, and silicon are essential. Vitamins are also necessary for strong and beautiful nails. We show you further details about each nutrient in the following.


It promotes the synthesis of keratin, which constitutes nails, and the formation of nails. Rich in oysters, beef, and pork liver.


It strengthens the collagen that gives your nails moisture. Abundant in brown rice, white rice, potatoes, etc.


It promotes nail formation and regeneration. Abundant in red meat, liver, and hijiki.

・Vitamin A

Make skin and mucous membranes. Abundant in eel, liver, and green and yellow vegetables.

・Vitamin B group

Promotes cell growth and activates metabolism. One of the keys for your better nail health. Abundant in eggs, fish, natto, etc.

・Vitamin C

Produces collagen that strengthens nails. Rich in fruits such as strawberries, lemons, and kiwis.

・Vitamin E

It improves blood circulation and creates shiny nails. Rich in nuts, avocados, pumpkins, etc.

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