Hair fall in menopause

hair fall

You may be suspecting that you have hair fall in menopause. We will talk about hair fall in menopause and the treatments for improvement through the series of posts starting from this one.

Hair fall in menopause and symptoms

Women’s hair troubles are increasing in their 40s and 50s. However, it is natural for hair to lose volume with age. The hair turnover cycle changes from 28 to 45 days, and metabolism slows.

Therefore, only the hair volume reduction does not necessarily mean it’s by menopause. You should suspect hair fall in menopause if you have the following symptoms besides hair volume reduction.

(1) The skin is transparent.
(2) Wide and conspicuous
(3) Changes in hair quality, such as swelling and dryness
a lot of hair fall
(4) Fewer hairs growing from one pore

These symptoms occur when hair growth is not catching up due to disruption of the hair cycle. The leading cause is a drop in female hormones. Other reasons, such as a drop in blood flow, disordered lifestyles, and excessive stress, can also be involved in a complex way.

They also say that genetic influences play a role.

Unlike men, women often maintain a certain amount of hair as they age.

However, various effects on the body and mind are likely to appear when menopause approaches, and hair fall and thinning hair are one of the typical symptoms of menopause.

What happens when hair fall progresses?

As hair fall in menopause progresses, it can majorly impact your mental state as your appearance changes.

– I’m embarrassed to go out in the presence of other people because they can see my head’s skin.
– The hair loses volume, and hair styling does not go well.
– Every time I look in the mirror, I feel depressed.

In addition, menopausal symptoms can lead to emotional instability, and the unpleasant feeling of hair loss may drive it.

The number of women who think they like to be “beautiful forever” has recently increased. For that reason, the deterioration of QOL (quality of life) due to the progress of hair loss and menopausal symptoms may change not only the appearance but also the lifestyle of women.

A natural way to rebalance your hormone

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