Health problems shown in nails

healthy nails

Health problems and nails

Nails are made of a hard protein called “keratin” and are a changed skin.
Although there are individual differences. They say that the fingernails of an average adult grow about 0.1 mm per day, and it takes about five months to grow back. So you can know your health condition by looking at your nails. Here we talk about health problems shown in nails.

Your nails are a barometer of how healthy you are.
The color of the nail itself is transparent, but the capillaries under the nail show through, giving it a light pink color.
A healthy nail has a smooth surface.
However, when you are not feeling well or lacking nutrients, the color and shape of your nails change, just like your skin gets rough. So you can guess health problems shown in nails.

Lines shown on nails

Some possible health problems are shown in nails as lines.

Malnutrition and stress cause lateral lines.

Irregular lifestyles, high fevers, and chronic diseases such as skin disease and diabetes can also cause horizontal streaks.
They say that poor blood flow and temporary stoppage of nail growth is the cause.

Whitish vertical streaks are more likely to occur when blood circulation deteriorates due to nutritional deficiencies due to dieting, dryness, aging, etc.
If the streaks are dark, they may present diseases such as skin cancer. You may need to consult a medical institution in such a case.

Nail color

Various health problems can be shown in nails as color changes. 

Light pink color・・・Healthy condition
Whitish color: suspected anemia (due to low red blood cell count)
Reddish color: suspicion of cerebral thrombosis, myocardial infarction, diabetes, polycythemia, etc. (Possibility of blood thickening and poor blood circulation)
Blackish purple color: suspected pernicious anemia, kidney disease, liver disease, lung disease, connective tissue disease, etc. (possibility of cyanosis)
Yellowish color: onycholysis, yellow nail syndrome, tinea unguium, etc. (often due to changes in the nail itself)
Greenish color: Suspected infection with bacteria such as Pseudomonas aeruginosa (also called green nail)

Of course, you can’t determine the possibility of diseases only with nails. If you are concerned, it is best to consult a medical institution.

Nail shapes

・Iron-deficiency anemia and thyroid disease are suspected when the toes are concave and curved upwards like a spoon.
It often happens in women.
・There are multiple punctate dents
Koro, which may be psoriasis.

We have discussed about possible health problems shown in nails regarding general cases. We will dig into the relation of hormonal imbalance and nail health from the next post. 

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