Hormone therapy for weight loss

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When I was younger, I could lose weight quickly by dieting. But not now.

It may be due to the decreased female hormones. Estrogen, a representative female hormone, has many functions, such as maintaining skin firmness and elasticity, maintaining the health of blood vessels and bones, and maintaining the balance of the autonomic nervous system. “It is an existence like a knight.” But, is a hormone therapy for weight loss worth trying? Safe enough?

Decreased estrogen with aging and weight

The peak of estrogen secretion is in the 20s. After that, it gradually decreases and almost ceases to be secreted after menopause.

After around 40, avoid a drastic decrease in estrogen, which is significantly related to weight management, and work on rejuvenating the body from the inside by activating the internal organs.

The female hormone that raises basal metabolism supports weight management.

While estrogen has various effects on the beauty and health of women, one of its functions is to promote fat burning. As you get older, your estrogen levels drop, and your basal metabolism tends to drop accordingly, making it harder to lose weight.

How about a hormone replacement therapy for weight management?

As we all know well, hormone replacement therapy is one of the key solutions to alleviate menopause symptoms. But it is not something easy for your health.

Hormones including estrogen exist in your body with fine quantity. Your body will secrete only one tea-spoon of estrogen totally in your lifetime. So, supplementation of external hormone can easily be too much. Menopause symptom is caused with shortage of estrogen, but too much estrogen will also disturb your autonomic nerves and cause various disorders.  That’s why you need doctor’s prescription. Even with a doctor’s prescription, this artificial hormone supplementation can yet cause some disorders.

We know that weight management is not only for your beauty, but also for your health. But, we don’t recommend you to take a hormone replacement therapy for weight management only.

Is there a natural hormone therapy for weight loss?

When we see health websites in Japan, all of them recommend soy food. Soy contains isoflavone and it works like estrogen. We may be able to call it a “natural hormone therapy.” But there are some issues for westerners.

1. Soy food is not common, while there are various kinds in Japanese diet.

2. You can’t absorb isoflavone without digesting and resolving it. But not many people have enough right enzyme to digest isoflavone.

3. Anybody can absorb isoflavone of fermented soy. It is Miso (fermented soy paste), but it’s not your food and not easy to take everyday.

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Activate the internal organs and rejuvenate the body.

If you burden the internal organs such as the stomach and intestines, it will be easier to connect with lifestyle-related diseases.

It is also necessary to review eating habits to avoid it. Keep the following points in mind.

・Have a healthy breakfast to keep your stomach functioning properly
・Consume dietary fiber such as mushrooms and seaweed to improve the intestinal environment
・Incorporate low GI foods (brown rice, germ rice, buckwheat, whole grain bread, etc. (white carbohydrates are NG) that do not raise blood sugar levels
・In order to prevent eating in one go, use nutritious and low GI nuts as a snack between meals.
・For dinner, while keeping up your body temperature with a not-heavy meal, take in the vegetable soup that is good for digestion.

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