Intestinal Environment – a key to your health and beauty from within


Why is it essential to maintain a healthy intestinal environment?

How is the intestine the key?

Keeping healthy intestinal environment is the principle key to your health and beauty. The intestine is an essential organ for the absorption of nutrients into the body. We think its principal function is to absorb whatever digested from the stomach and transported to there. But the actual key role is to sort out harmful substances and nutrients adequately. It takes beneficial nutrients to humans, and excrete toxic substances as feces.

An unhealthy intestine will hamper your health

Therefore, if there is a problem with the intestines or the intestinal environment, even if you eat well every day, the nutrients will not be absorbed well by your body. Then it will develop anemia, a decrease in bone density, and malnutrition. Since the human body is based on nutrition, it will also weaken the immune system. If the absorption of nutrients from the intestine does not go well,  it can lead to various health problems and increase the risk of disease.

How can you trim your intestinal environment?

Good bacteria are less in the adult’s intestine

One hundred trillion bacteria live in our intestines, forming an “intestinal flora” group. However, the number of good bacteria that live in the human body decreases with age. Although the number of good bacteria in a baby a few days after birth is 90% and 70% at three years old, it decreases down to 20% in adults. Maintaining the diversity and balance of these bacteria is a shortcut to improving the intestinal environment.

Various challenges against a good intestinal environment

The intestinal flora is disturbed by various factors such as disease, lifestyle disorders, aging, and stress. Even an unbalanced diet can lead to disorder, so it is crucial to have a well-balanced diet and a diet that increases the good bacteria in the intestinal flora.

Probiotics and prebiotics

Let’s be aware of both “probiotics,” which include good bacteria and positively affect the body, and “prebiotics,” such as dietary fiber and oligosaccharides, which feed the good bacteria—taking these as a set is called “symbiotics,” which is the key to more effectively regulating the intestinal flora.

By the way, probiotics include lactic acid bacteria, bifidobacteria, and “butyric acid bacteria, ” which are attracting attention as a new common sense for intestinal activity.

(to be continued to the next post, “Best food for healthy intestine”, posted soon.)

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