Sleep and bone health

Sleep well

The growth hormone secreted during sleep affects bone growth and repair.

Sleep is necessary to maintain physical and mental health. If you do not get enough sleep, both in quality and quantity, you will experience various problems, such as feeling unrefreshed, lacking attention, and sluggish. But that’s not all. Sleep and bone health have a critical relation.
During sleep, our body secretes various hormones.
Growth hormone promotes growth in the body and acts directly on the bones to make them grow stronger. They say that “a child who sleeps will grow.” Good sleeping will secrete growth hormones well and develop children’s bones thicker and bigger.

Deep sleep is the key to growth hormone secretion and bone health

Sleep occurs because the brain, being active during the day, gets tired and rests. Seeing, speaking, thinking, and moving your limbs are all controlled by your brain. The brain, which operates at total capacity during the day, consumes energy the more it is used and needs sleep to rest. Sleeping helps your brain recover from fatigue, allowing you to work harder the next day.

On the other hand, there is a phenomenon in which people naturally become sleepy at night, even when they are not so tired. The reason is that your body clock tells you it is time to sleep because it is night. In our body, two types of autonomic nerves, the sympathetic nerve and the parasympathetic nerve regulate various body functions. The sympathetic nervous system works during the day to increase body temperature, pulse, blood pressure, etc., making it easier to be active. At night, the parasympathetic nervous system lowers these to relax and rest the body. The body clock regulates such body rhythms. When you wake up in the morning, you will reset your body clock to occur the next sleepiness 14 to 16 hours later.

During sleep, deep sleep (non-REM sleep) for resting the brain and light sleep (REM sleep) to rest your muscles alternate. In good sleep, non-REM sleep, which is deep sleep, accounts for 70 to 80% and appears in the first half of sleep. Your body will secrete a large amount of growth hormone at this time. Thus it is crucial to take a good deep sleep for bone health.

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