Take the ways of Japanese diet to lose weight

Japanese Healthy Diet

Take “just the ways” of Japanese diet to lose weight!

Sometimes I hear, “what is the Japanese diet to lose weight?”. Yes, the Japanese diet has various healthy dishes; you can lose weight by taking them into your daily life. Japanese foods are famously healthy and support the good health of Japanese people

But, it is not easy for everyone to take dishes from a different dietary culture daily. It will be hard to learn the cooking, and you will not be used to their taste and flavor. 

Here we teach you only the ideas of Japanese dietary habits as natural appetite suppressants to lose weight. You can take them into your life more easily with the dishes of your culture. Try them from today!


This Japanese term means that you stop eating when your appetite is satisfied by 80%. Stop eating when your appetite is eased before you feel full and wait for a while. It will take about 20 minutes before the taken food satisfies your satiety center. If you still need more food after that, take a little more. If you habitually always take food up to the maximum, you will learn that you can be satisfied with less food. As an extra benefit of such a new habit, you can be more active without suffering from the glut.

Water is Japanese diet to lose weight?


Take more water as a beverage or soup to fill your stomach with less food. It will provide you the same effect as Hara-Hachibunme without the intensional patience.

Various dishes on small plates

A a feature of Japanese diet to lose weight, take various dishes on small plates, and take them alternately, little by little. Serve various dishes on small plates, and take them alternately, little by little. It will satisfy your satiety center with less food by taking time, dietary fiber, and water in the middle. It will also help your health by taking balanced nutrients from the various foods.

Take much dietary fiber

Take foods containing much dietary fiber at first. It will slow your digestion and moderate appetite and blood sugar spike. Japanese diet to lose weight has various foods with rich dietary fiber. But you can also find good ones near you. Vegetables, mushrooms, beans, etc., will be good.

Use less cooking oil and sugar

What is umami
Katsuobushi, Dried shiitake mushrooms, Niboshi, kelp.
Making soup stock for Japanese cuisine.

Dashi will help your dish taste better and satisfy the eaters with less cooking oil and sugar. Dashi is an “Umami” extract. Umami is already an English term for elements of taste like bitterness, sweetness, or sourness, which makes you feel tasty.

All these dietary habits are easy for you to take into your life and work as natural appetite suppressants. I like to stress here that you should do them gradually to the extent you can try without stress. The most important thing is to make them your natural habit instead of chasing the benefits in the short term.

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