Hey men, Feeling tired all the time? Feeling powerless? / Men’s anti-aging with EFFISOY®

a tired old man

Are you feeling tired all the time?

As a small new brand, we have been focusing on only women as the beneficiary of our “Japanese dietary therapy” supplements, due to our limited management resources. 

But they also help men’s anti-aging. As you have aged, do you feel fatigued all the time? Or, maybe do you feel powerless when you lift something heavy?

The system behind Effisoy® is that isoflavone aglycone (AglyMax®) revives waned DHEA synthesis ability. DHEA is an estrogen precursor but doesn’t have hormonal stimulation before turning into estrogen. DHEA rebalance women’s empty estrogen receptors while AglyMax® simultaneously prevents DHEA from turning into estrogen excessively. 

This system also rebalances men’s hormones. Imbalances of men’s hormones don’t cause the same menopause symptoms as women but prompt various unpleasant experiences by aging. 

Effisoy’s major benefits for men

  • Anti-fatigue
  • Boosting and keeping muscle
  • Keeping up metabolism, which contributes to weight management. 
  • Maintenance and recovery of virilityBone health relief
  • Anti-fatigueBoosting and keeping muscleKeeping up metabolism, which contributes to weight management. 
  • Maintenance and recovery of virility
  • Bone health relief

I am male and have been taking both of our supplements since the first production in 2017. The most significant and helpful effect for me was anti-fatigue. 

Most people feel fatigued by no reason after certain ages, and it sometimes impairs their vitality in various things to do. Another unpleasant aging matter was a powerless feeling when I held something heavy. I felt nothing when I was younger. 

The muscle boosting and weight loss depend on various factors and it is hard to determine if Effisoy® played the main role in my significant weight loss in the past few years. I’ve been running and do workout a few times a week in the past several years and my alcohol drinking decreased significantly about three years ago.

But I felt that the yield of my exercises was raised up much since I started Effisoy®.

How should I take Effisoy® for the best relief?

The continuous dosage of Effisoy improves such sad changes for men. I felt some improvements after three months. 

When some time passed since my fatigue was alleviated, I sometimes forgot to take Effisoy® because I felt nothing when I didn’t have the tiredness. But after a while, the fatigue came back to me, and I was careful not to miss the dosage again. It happened a few times, and I’m more careful to keep it now.

My other recommendation is that it will be wonderful to take Juveriente® Bone Strength Complex (or BSC) together. While Effisoy® helps your bone health and weight management through the hormone balance, BSC will help them from the cellular level. The combination of both Juveriente® products will be a perfect anti-aging set.

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