Which type of exercise contributes most to building strong bones?

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Which type of exercise contributes most to building strong bones?

Which type of exercise contributes most to building strong bones? They say that physical stimulation to the long axis of the bone causes a transmission of a small amount of electric current to the bone and increases its strength.

We know that the bone density of athletes is higher than that of the general population. Still, not all athletes show excellent bone density, and we think that the greater the physical overload, the higher the bone density increase. For example, they say swimmers who do not overload themselves have less bone density than athletes who use the ground on land. Therefore, an exercise that is effective for protecting bones is an exercise that involves a lot of load and impact.

Actual types of exercise to build strong bones

Jumping, for example, is effective. There is a report that a premenopausal woman improved her bone density with 50 jumps per day. Other activities such as volleyball, basketball, jump rope, and jogging will also have similar effects.Jump Rope
Older people should be careful as they may hurt their backs and knees. Some of suitable types of exercise to contribute most to building bones for them will be “back muscle exercise,” “single leg standing,” and “squat.” Also, walking will be suitable.
Instead of strolling, take vast strides with an upright posture, and walk rhythmically. Also, spending more time climbing stairs and walking can help your bones.
Walking with light dumbbells is called dumbbell walking. Walking with more resistance slightly to your body weight will add to the effect.

Work-out for bone building

Since bones are usually connected to muscles by tendons, work-out is also effective exercise to contribute to building strong bones by directly stimulating the bones.workout woman
When you do work-out using a weight machine, your muscles contract strongly every time you lift a weight, and it will transmit the stimulus to your bones. In addition, work-out can strengthen the upper body bones while walking or jogging alone don’t. It is also practical because you can selectively train your weak parts.

On the other hand, you need to be careful about injuries, falls, and fractures caused by exercise. The number of older people who break bones at fitness clubs is increasing. Be very careful of exercise fractures.

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