Best foods for skin anti-aging

Rye Bread

To maintain youthful skin, lifestyle habits such as diet, sleep, and exercise are more critical than skincare and cosmetics.
It is necessary to be beautiful not only on the surface but also from within.
Here, we will introduce best foods for skin anti-aging and how you should eat.

Skin changes with age

As you age, your skin loses its firmness and adds wrinkles, sagging, and dullness.
It is a change that can happen to anyone, but it’s yet improvable with better eating habits. Here we introduce you to some tips.

Foods and ways to eat that are bad for your skin


Processed food
Instant foods such as instant noodles, soft drinks, and sweets are low in vitamins, often contain a lot of sugar and fat, and are mostly high in calories for their size.
Excessive sugar intake causes a phenomenon called saccharification, in which proteins in the body stick together and harden, which can lead to aging of the skin (dullness, etc.).

Unsaturated fatty acids such as linoleic acid
Unsaturated fatty acids in safflower oil and margarine are oxidized in the body and become hydrogen peroxide, which oxidizes sebum and destroys the antioxidant substances in the skin. It may accelerate skin aging. It is better to use oil containing a lot of oleic acids, such as olive oil, fish oil, and linseed oil, which have antioxidant properties and they will have anti-aging effects.

【how to eat】

Late night snacks
Snacks late at night will raise blood sugar levels. It will accelerate saccharification and aging of the skin.

Fast eating
Eating too quickly can rapidly increase blood sugar levels, and overeating can lead to excess calorie intake. Chew well and eat slowly.

Best foods for skin anti-aging and how to eat


Good quality protein
Collagen, which keeps the skin and skin firm, is made of proteins (amino acids). Let’s take high-quality protein from chicken, fish, soybeans, etc., so as not to exceed the calorie. The recommended intake is 1g of protein per 1kg body weight.
Fish is one of the healthy sources of protein. It is animal and high in protein but lower in fat than livestock meat.

Vitamins E, C, B2, and β-carotene, which are antioxidants, are said to be particularly effective in preventing skin aging. Let’s actively take green vegetables, such as green peppers, tomatoes, carrots, and spinach, that are rich in vitamins.

Brown carbs
Carbohydrates should ideally be as natural as possible. Unrefined carbohydrates, such as brown rice, contain plenty of good ingredients for the skin, such as vitamins, minerals, and dietary fiber. Choose brown rice instead of white rice, and rye or whole grain bread for bread.

【how to eat】

Well balanced
Best foods for skin anti-aging will actually make sense if you take them in the right ways.
No matter how much vitamins are good for the skin, it’s never good for your body and skin if you take only vitamins.
The most important thing is nutritional balance. The Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare (of Japan) recommends eating 30 items daily, but counting 30 items every day is quite difficult. The ideal meal traditionally said in the Japanese diet is one soup, two side dishes, and one staple food. Try to have a balanced menu regarding vitamins, protein, and iron.

80% eating
To prevent excessive calorie intake and saccharification, remember to “hold down at the 80 % of the stomach“. To “hold down on 80% of your stomach”, eating three meals at a fixed time in a day is essential, and eating slowly and chewing well will help you.

Anti-aging through diet

What we eat makes our body. A balanced diet is vital to stay healthy and youthful. If you want to keep young skin forever, let’s start with “diet to anti-aging.”

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