Foods that help bone strength, and habits to weaken your bones

dairy foods that help bone strength

Prevent bedridden! Foods that help bone strength and that weaken your bones

Calcium is essential to keep bones strong and durable. However, many people lack calcium, which is vital for strong bones. A calcium-deficient diet is a major cause of weak bones. When bones become fragile, fractures, being bedridden, and locomotive Syndrome* can greatly hinder daily life. This article introduces foods that help bone strength and dietary habits that weaken your bones. Change your eating habits to improve bone strength.

What is Locomotive Syndrome*?
It refers to the state in which the ability to move, such as standing and walking, a basic human movement, is degraded.

Benefits of healthy bone strength

Strengthening bones means building healthy bone strength with high bone density. Strengthening bones reduces the risk of osteoporosis and bone fractures associated with aging and helps prevent people from needing long-term care and becoming bedridden.

In addition, the method of strengthening bones is closely related to suppressing joint cartilage wear, so it is highly effective in preventing joint and back pain.

Let’s learn about lifestyle habits toward healthy bone strength to live free from fractures and joint pain.

Check items for lifestyle habits that weaken bones

First of all, I will introduce lifestyle habits that are at risk of weakening bones. Check if any of the following items come to mind.

Does anything come to mind?

  1. No milk or yogurt during the day
  2. Rarely eats three meals a day (breakfast, lunch, and dinner)
  3. I like snacks and eat them often
  4. I think I’m obese
  5. No habit of exercising
  6. Bow legs

The more items that apply to the above, the weaker your bones may be without realizing it. Hence, you need to be careful, such as improving your lifestyle.

Also, bones tend to weaken with age, and post-menopausal women have an exceptionally high risk of osteoporosis.

Extreme diets put your bone strength at risk.

extreme diet

However, it is not only middle-aged and elderly people who need to be careful about lifestyle habits that weaken bones. Suppose even young people are on extreme diets or have severe dietary restrictions. In that case, their bodies may become malnourished, and their bone density may become similar to that of the elderly.

A decrease in bone density leads to an increased risk of osteoporosis, so try not to restrict your diet unreasonably.

Calcium is a nutrient that keeps bone strength.

Bones comprise calcium, proteins such as collagen, and phosphorus. Calcium is the nutrient that makes bones particularly hard and robust. Calcium is the most abundant mineral in the human body, 99% of which is found in bones and teeth.

Bone takes in calcium from the blood and repeats regeneration every day. Suppose there is a shortage of calcium and nutrients that support calcium. In that case, the bones will try to replenish calcium even if they dissolve themselves, causing further calcium deficiency.

Main foods that help bone strength with rich calcium

Foods high in calcium include:

Foods that you should actively take to help bone strength;

  1. Milk, dairy products (yogurt)
  2. Soybeans, processed soybeans (tofu, okara, natto, all Japanese foods!!)
  3. Seafood (dried shrimp, small fish)
  4. Vegetables (Kale, Moroheiya)
  5. Seaweed
  6. Satsuma mandarin orange: helps bone metabolism from the cellular level

However, one thing to remember is that if you only eat dairy products, even though they contain a lot of calcium, you will lack other nutrients. A balanced diet with various foods that help bone strength is ideal.

Take the essence of Satsuma mandarin orange with a natural supplement

A cohort study in Japan reports that blood concentration of Beta cryptoxanthin, which is richly contained in Satsuma mandarin orange, shows a strong correlation. But, it is rather indigenous to Japan and China, and hard to take for people in other regions.  Juveriente®’s natural bone supplement, “Bone Strength Complex” brings you its essence to you as a natural supplement. Since its launching in 2016, it has gathered positive feedbacks as the following.

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The main functional ingredient is simply an extract of a Japanese popular citrus fruit. Needless to say, it is better to try a natural food before jumping to strong medicines. Please learn details in our product page.



Nutrients that help bone strength by supporting calcium absorption

Calcium taken from foods is absorbed in the intestine, but calcium is difficult to absorb. Therefore, it is essential to combine nutrients that support calcium absorption.

Nutrients that support calcium absorption and foods rich in them include: It is recommended to take calcium-rich foods together, as this will improve the overall balance of the diet.

  1. Protein (collagen): meat, fish, tofu
  2. Vitamin C: vegetables, fruits
  3. Vitamin D: mushrooms
  4. Vitamin K: broccoli, moroheiya
  5. Magnesium: soybeans, almonds

Nutrients that don’t help but even interfere with bone strength

Even if you take a lot of calcium, it will be challenging to strengthen your bones if you follow a diet that prevents calcium absorption or a lifestyle that weakens your bones.


Phosphorus is an essential nutrient for the body, but too much interferes with calcium absorption. It is often contained in processed foods, so be careful if you eat out or eat convenience store lunches.


Be careful not to take too much salt as it interferes with calcium absorption. If you overeat cheese or small fish to get enough calcium, you will overeat salt, so be careful.


Excessive consumption of alcohol impairs the absorption of calcium. Try to keep it to an appropriate amount or make a liver-free day.


Cigarette nicotine also interferes with calcium absorption and increases the risk of osteoporosis. People with a smoking habit can expect the effect of strengthening their bones simply by quitting or reducing the number of cigarettes.
In addition, people who do not have the habit of moving their bodies quickly weaken their bones, so caution is required.

Summary: Prevention of bedriddenness! There are foods that help bone strength and foods that weaken it.

Bone density, which indicates bone strength, decreases with age. In particular, they say women significantly lower bone density during menopause, increasing the risk of osteoporosis. In addition, extreme diets and dietary restrictions are not recommended for middle-aged and elderly people but also for young people, as they cause a decrease in bone density.

Adequate calcium intake and moderate exercise are essential factors in maintaining bone health. Try to avoid foods and lifestyle habits that interfere with calcium absorption.

As mentioned above, there are foods that help bone strength and foods that weaken them. We should be careful in daily life.

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