Housework is exercise – to support your health essentially


You don’t have time to exercise? Housework is exercise, really!

“I don’t have time to exercise because I’m too busy with housework.”
I often hear this kind of wording. But do you know that housework is exercise in the practical sense?

Many people think they need literal exercises such as walking and muscle training to maintain weight and manage health. However, even when doing housework or commuting, we move our bodies by walking and standing. Such activities also burn a lot of energy. Yes, housework is exercise in a practical sense. 

Do ten more minutes of housework a day

Housework and other activities necessary for daily living are called “lifestyle activities.” We have proven that such “lifestyle activities” reduce the risk of lifestyle-related diseases and nursing care in the same way as sports and exercise for physical fitness.
Increasing housework time by 10 minutes daily can reduce the risk of developing lifestyle-related diseases by 3-4%.
You don’t necessarily need to be determined to do some so-called “exercise.” Housework is exercise. 

The table below shows how many calories each daily activity burns.


Woman (50kg)

Man (70kg)

Using a vacuum (15mins)

46 kcal

64 kcal

Mopping floor (15 mins)

60 kcal

84 kcal

Garden cleaning with broom (10 mins)

29 kcal

41 kcal

Car washing (30 mins)

79 kcal

110 kcal

Working on a chair (30 mins)

39 kcal

55 kcal

Dog walking (30 mins)

79 kcal

110 kcal

Pushing a wheelchair (15 mins)

53 kcal

74 kcal

Nursing care of an elderly or handicapped person

105 kcal

147 kcal

“Weeding,” “pushing a wheelchair,” and “caring for the elderly and people with physical disabilities” requires the same amount of exercise as walking. Mopping up of floor consumes the same amount of calories as playing badminton.

Now you know that moving your body in your daily housework and work is crucial to improving your health. Housework is exercise, really!

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