How can I get myself to fall asleep?


Blood circulation improvement will help you to fall asleep.

How can I get myself to fall asleep? This will be the question many people have. They say that the human body becomes sleepy by lowering the deep temperature of the body. Heat is emitted from extremities such as limbs to lower the core temperature. Therefore, if the blood circulation in the hands and feet is poor, your body won’t release the heat well. It may disturb you from falling asleep smoothly. Therefore, when you can’t sleep, we recommend stretching the soles of your feet to improve blood circulation.

foot massage

Warm up the deep part of your body with a bath.

Japanese-style bathing is very effective for good sleep. People enter a state of rest by lowering their body temperature in preparation for falling asleep. Warming the deep part of the body by taking a bath will promote temperature regulation, and you can fall asleep smoothly.

Showering will warm up only the surface of the body. Soaking in a bath with lukewarm water of 38 to 40 degrees for about 10 to 20 minutes will warm you up from the core. Then the parasympathetic nervous system becomes dominant, and the body goes into relaxation mode.
However, I think most people in America and Europe do not have a Japanese-style bathing custom or facility. In that case, a foot bath will work instead.

When you have coldness and swelling of hands and feet

Coldness and swelling in the hands and feet are common problems in women. While it is crucial to improve your circulation by massage, you can also support better circulation by physically lifting your feet with a foot pillow.

When you can’t fall asleep, not sleeping is an option.

When you say, “I just can’t fall asleep,” it may be due to the “defensive instinct” of the human body. When you look back on the times when you couldn’t sleep, wasn’t it when something terrible happened to you?
Sleep has the role of putting together the day’s events in chronological order and fixing them. Good and bad things will be fixed in your memory when you sleep. When you go to sleep after something terrible happens, you naturally remember it. They say that sometimes defensive instincts work to keep you from sleeping.
Trying to force yourself to sleep when you can’t fall asleep will lead to further stress, such as being unable to sleep due to impatience or having light sleep. In such a case, one option is to take the plunge and say, “I won’t sleep when I can’t sleep!”

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