How can I keep on walking for my health?

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“It’s not easy to keep on walking though I know it massively helps my health.”
“My friends seem to work hard daily, but I can’t do it…”
If you are worried about “I can’t keep a walk habit,” you may want to say such a lament. But what if it felt so much fun? “Just taking a walk makes me feel good, and I can’t help doing every day!” “What if that feeling comes up?”

If you devise some ideas before you start walking, you will feel brighter and naturally love it. Your friend who keeps the habit may not be a hard worker but just doing for fun. Walking is one of the easiest way of an exercise habit. 
Here are some tricks to keep walking fun.

Five tips to maximize your enjoyment of walking

1. Set a destination

If it’s challenging for you to keep an exercise habit, instead of just going around the neighborhood, decide on a destination and walk as a “means of transportation.” If your goal is far and difficult to get to and from, you can use public transportation on the way and plan to walk for at least 20 minutes in total.
Strolling along the roads, usually by train, car, or bicycle, is a fun way to make discoveries.

2. Enjoy fixed-point observation of scenery

One of the real pleasures of walking is enjoying the scenery. Let’s create a “fixed-point observation scenery” to expand the enjoyment further. Trees, mountains in the neighborhood, flowers on the roadside, the sky from a certain point, anything you like is fine. Decide on a favorite spot and enjoy how the scenery changes daily with the changing seasons.

“The leaves have already turned this color.”
“I wonder if that bud will open soon.”
“Someday, the sky got so high!”

If there is a scenery you can care about like that, you will always want to see the situation and feel like you don’t want to leave a gap between walking.

3. Buy new shoes and clothes

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If you don’t feel like you’re having fun while walking, it may be because your shoes and clothing don’t fit your body. Especially when it comes to shoes, it is a good idea to try them with an advisor in a shoe store instead of buying them on your own. When you find shoes that fit your feet perfectly, you will want to walk more and more.

We also recommend clothing that has functionality suitable for walking, such as “easiness of movement,” “absorbent/quick-drying/breathable,” and “UV protection.” It is also vital that the design is one that you like and that makes you feel happy every time you wear it. Please look for your favorite wear.

4. Walk with a partner

It will be helpful to have a partner to prop your determination. You may say, “Ummm, today is not the day.” But your parner will help you out from such a slackening mind. To walk with your spouse, children, or friends may be valuable communication.

Even if it’s challenging to do every day, occasionally walking with someone will motivate you to keep on walking.

5. Focus on yourself

I have stressed the value of keeping on waking up with a partner. Having said that, “walking alone” can also be a wonderful time in a different way.
If you concentrate on strolling and repeat the same movements indifferently, you may find your mind quiet and empty. This kind of meditation allows you to reset your mind from the stress of daily chores.
Even if there are unpleasant things, you can think, “Let’s go for a walk and reset!”

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