Increase exercise without any difficulty

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Increase your exercise! But is it easy??

We all know that exercise is good for our health and hope to increase exercise. However, you won’t be able to acquire the physical strength to do a strenuous activity such as running or swimming all of a sudden, and it’s pointless if you can’t continue doing it regularly. Also, if you overdo it and harm your health, you’re putting the cart before the horse.

Consider your daily energy consumption

Our daily energy consumption will divide into the following four categories. Among these, NEAT is attracting attention, and it is the energy consumed by simple daily activities such as walking and cleaning. You will increase exercise just little by little with such small activities, but it will surely acquire healthy exercise habits.

NEAT is an abbreviation for Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis. It is the energy consumed by the light movements performed in daily life.
NEAT is attracting attention because we have clarified the relationship between the amount of NEAT and obesity recently. The amount of NEAT in obese subjects was lower than that in non-obese subjects.

Due to the mechanization and automation of daily life, they say that NEAT has decreased by more than 100 kcal daily. You may think it is only 100kcal, but it leads to a weight gain of about 1kg in 2 months and about 5kg in a year. However, you can also prevent this weight gain by consciously increasing NEAT, that is, increasing exercise actually. 

If you don’t like sports or are too busy to exercise, get into the habit of moving your body frequently. The amount of energy consumption can be increased steadily depending on ingenuity.

Examples of daily activity that increase NEAT

stand in the train and bus
play actively with children
take care of animals
standing while watching TV
floor polishing
garden cleaning

Let’s walk 10 minutes more than now.

Walking is the most popular exercise you can do anytime, anywhere. If you feel you are not getting enough exercise, try to increase the number of opportunities to walk daily.
Start by walking 1,000 steps (about 10 minutes) more than you are now, and gradually increase your steps to reach 10,000 steps a day!

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