How to make exercise a habit?

Walking woman

Exercise is one of the keys to a healthy life for all ages

Here are three easy how to keep up doing some exercise. 


Add 10 minutes of a simple action.

How to make exercise a habit? Don’t think too complicated.

Let’s incorporate moving the body for “10 minutes” naturally during breaks between work and spending time at home. Start from where you can!

1. Walk, bike, or use public transportation to commute.

2. Take a walk during breaks at work or house works.

3. Perform a YouTube workout program.  (The linked video is just an example.)

4. Intentionally add exercise or increase moves in house works.

Just increase “moves” in your life.

When you be seated all day long for your job or any other reason, you may think it’s impossible to do exercise. 

If you are busy with work and can’t find time to exercise, let’s focus on “moving your body anyway.” 

Intentionally avoid sitting for a long time, stand up once every 30 minutes, stretch your body, stand up and walk to get something, and be conscious of moving.


Walking will be one of the good options when you think about how to make exercise a habit. It’s not hard to start and gives you a lot of benefits.

Fat reduction will eliminate fat, and improving metabolism will improve blood lipids, blood sugar levels, and blood pressure. It also has the effect of maintaining and enhancing cardiopulmonary function. Moderate intensity of workouts (Fast walking with solid kicks and long strides that make you sweat a little, something breathtaking enough to hold a conversation, etc.) is optimal to improve life expectancy. 

Recent studies have reported the relationship between the number of steps taken per day and the number of diseases and conditions it may prevent. Eight thousand steps, including 20 minutes of moderate-intensity walking, is the appropriate amount of physical activity.

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