How to treat menopause depression naturally

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Menopause is a challenging time for your mental health

The decline in ovarian function due to menopause causes changes in the parts of the hypothalamus and pituitary gland. It’s due to the decrease in estrogen, causing autonomic nervous symptoms, endocrine system and immune system imbalance symptoms, neuropsychiatric symptoms, etc.
In addition, they say menopause is the most stressful period of all ages for women, as it is psychologically and socially unstable. How to treat menopause depression surfaces as a critical issue for all women.

Issues possibly causing depression in menopause

Menopausal psychosocial problems include conflicts in parent-child relationships, a sense of loss after completing the child-rearing role, marital resurfacing issues after the child leaves the nest, mental and physical overwork, feelings of loss due to nursing care, the death of a parent, a sense of loss of femininity with menopause and decline in appearance, and health concerns.
Many women accept these various changes and handle their conflicts on their own. Still, for some women, these feelings of loss lower their self-esteem, and they are more likely to develop depressed moods and pathological anxiety.

How to treat menopause depression naturally?

There are many reports of the psychological effects of exercise, and low to moderate aerobic exercise such as walking, walking in water, and yoga are particularly effective.
In addition, it is also a good idea to compensate for the health problems caused by the decrease in female hormones during menopause with supplements and healthy foods and to try relaxing the mind with aromatherapy.
Essential oils directly approach the cerebral limbic system through the sense of smell and help maintain the mind and body balance through “scent” and “pharmacological action.”

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There are various ways to care for yourself, but if you feel dreadful or depressed daily, don’t hold back and consult a doctor familiar with menopause.

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