Is oatmeal good for osteoporosis?


Is oatmeal good for osteoporosis?

Is oatmeal good for osteoporosis? Today we discuss about this question, we sometimes hear as the supplier of our natural bone therapy supplement.

Oatmeal is rich in dietary fiber and nutritionally balanced, oatmeal is a strong ally for women. It is one of the ingredients that you can expect the improvement effects from physical disorders in each scene of a woman’s life.

Oatmeal’s common nutrient aspect

The reason is the nutrients contained in oatmeal.

Vitamin B6
Vitamin E

Oatmeal is high in iron and calcium, often deficient in women, and helps prevent common conditions such as anemia and osteoporosis.

It also contains minerals such as magnesium and vitamins such as B and E.

Magnesium may have a calming effect.

Vitamin B6 is known for its hormonal balance, and vitamin E is known for its antioxidant properties that slow aging.

Thanks to these minerals and vitamins, for example, they say it relieves symptoms such as menstrual syndrome and menopause.

In addition, you can supplement your calcium by combining oatmeal with milk or yogurt for your breakfast.
One cup of milk contains 220 mg of calcium, and half a cup of yogurt contains 120 mg.

Special nutrient aspect

In addition to these well-known nutrients, oatmeal also contains lignan.

Lignan is a polyphenol type classified as phytoestrogen, acting like the female hormone estrogen. Lignans may assist in the action of decreased female hormones.

Downside of oatmeal

100g of oatmeal contains 0.4-2.2g of phytic acid, which inhibits the absorption of minerals such as iron and zinc. A common way to reduce phytic acid is to soak it in water for a long time (overnight) or ferment it.

2 different course to support osteoporosis from Juveriente®

While oatmeal is fine to support your osteoporosis issue, Juveriente® offers you 2 different natural supplements to address it. One is directly a natural bone supplement and the other is a natural menopausal relief supplement.

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You may think of hormonal replacement therapy to adrress menopausal hormonal imbalance. But, needless to say, it’s better to try natural supplements extracted from natural foods before trying a too strong medical care. Juveriente®’s Effisoy, launched in 2016, brings you the essence of Japanese women’s health. Some clinical researches have reported that Japanese women have far lighter menopause experience. One of its key is Miso, fermented soy paste. It is a commonsense in Japan.

Fermented foods are often hard to eat for people of other dietary cultures. But you can take the essence easily through the supplement. Effisoy is the only supplement brand to bring you fermented soy extract outside Japan. This is only natural food, and we don’t call it “therapy,” but it may be your answer to how to treat menopause depression naturally.

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