Male osteoporosis; It’s not the only women’s issue.

A man with broken bone

Male osteoporosis

Men over the age of 60 are at increased risk of male osteoporosis
Women commonly have osteoporosis, but men can never be off this health concern. As men age, the prevalence of osteoporosis increases, too. Male osteoporosis can lead the patient more severe bone-breaking risk of falling than women. Don’t let your guard down, saying, “Because I’m a man, my bones are strong.”

The estimated number of osteoporosis patients in Japan is about 12.8 million, of which 9.8 million are women and nearly 3 million are men. Women are indeed more susceptible to the disease, but considering that one in four people with the disease is a man, men should never let their guard down.

Though slower than women, it surely happen to male.

Men have larger and thicker skeletons than women, so they have more bone mass when young than women. Also, since there are no sudden changes in female hormones like menopause in women, the pace of bone loss is slower than in women. But the older men are, the more they will develop osteoporosis.

In the case of men, the danger signals start flashing after the age of 60. After age 70, the number of men diagnosed with osteoporosis is about half of women. Furthermore, around the age of 80, bone mass drops to about 70% of that when young, and many men develop male osteoporosis.

In addition, the rate of lifestyle-related diseases such as diabetes and hypertension, which are related to the development of osteoporosis, and the rate of smoking and drinking, which affect bone health, tend to be higher in men than women. Men need to be cautious enough from this point of view.

More severe risk of male osteoporosis

Bigger and more active men injure more severely by falling.

Male osteoporosis is more likely to lead to severe conditions than females.
As we age, men and women lose muscle strength and balance, making them more prone to falling. People with osteoporosis, in particular, have brittle bones, so even a slight fall can lead to fractures. In particular, men are larger and more active, so when they fall, they are more likely to hit their bodies hard and cause fractures and head injuries. It is common for men to shut themselves up at home even after they have recovered because they are afraid that they might fall again.

As a result, muscle strength and endurance decline due to inactivity. It can lead to deterioration of overall body functions such as bone and cardiopulmonary function and mental depression. In some cases, you may end up needing support or nursing care.

The worst scenario in the end of male osteoporosis

Like women, older men are prone to fractures in the vertebral body (backbone), proximal femur (base of the thigh: including femoral neck), base of upper arm, and wrist.

In particular, fractures of the base of the thigh are likely to lead to a state requiring support or nursing care, so you need the highest caution against the fractures caused by osteoporosis. In addition, since the spinal cord passes through the spine if the spine is fractured, it may compress the nerves and cause symptoms such as gait disturbance or dysuria, or compress the internal organs, resulting in other disorders than fractures.

For men, the risk of bone fractures increases after age 70, so early fracture prevention is necessary for both women and men.

How to prevent or mitigate male osteoporosis risk?

Various natural therapies

We have introduced various ways to prevent osteoporosis naturally. The main readers will be women, but they also work for men. 

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