Memory deterioration with age


What causes memory deterioration with age?

Many people must have experienced memory difficulty and “getting more forgetful” as they age. Most people don’t know what causes memory deterioration with age. Here we show you the primary causes behind it and how you can improve it.

4 causes of memory deterioration

Due to aging

One of the causes of memory deterioration is the decline in cognitive function due to age. It is essential in daily life, such as comprehension, judgment, memory, and the ability to understand language.

One of the symptoms caused by cognitive decline is memory deterioration. Although there are individual differences, humans are said to decline in cognitive function from around 60 gradually.

No breakfast

Do you sometimes or even often skip breakfast on busy mornings?

Skipping breakfast can lead to a lack of energy in the brain, leading to memory and concentration deterioration. 

Glucose is the primary energy source for brain activity, but you can’t store glucose in large amounts in your body. So it tends to run out quickly. In other words, you starve your brain without breakfast. Starving brain will fall in memory deterioration.

Lack of sleep

Chronic sleep deprivation causes daytime sleepiness, low motivation, and memory deterioration. They say, modern people, especially children and working people, sleep the shortest in history. Get as much sleep as you can.

If you have insomnia, consider consulting a specialist.

Effects of medicines

More people take medicines daily with age. Medicines such as antidepressants, antipsychotics, and antianxiety drugs (sleeping pills) can cause memory loss.

Therefore, if you feel that someone close to you is having memory deterioration problems, check if they are taking medication and what they are taking, and consult your doctor.

How to prevent memory deterioration

Some exercise and good diet habits will prevent or, at least, mitigate your memory deterioration with age. 

It is vital to prevent lifestyle-related diseases and chronic diseases from worsening to keep your cognitive function active. Acquiring moderate exercise habits, such as aerobic exercises such as walking and aerobics, leads to maintaining cognitive function.

In terms of diet, try to eat plenty of vegetables, fruits, and seafood in a well-balanced manner. Intake of polyphenols, which is antioxidants and anti-inflammatory substances, and EPA/DHA are also said to have preventive effects.

You can also actively participate in social activities. Communicating with other people, including family members, can be expected to activate the brain.

Early measures are essential for memory and cognitive deterioration.

One of the causes of memory loss is cognitive decline.

It is crucial to review lifestyle habits, such as acquiring dietary content and moderate exercise habits, to prevent the deterioration of cognitive function.

Suppose you receive appropriate treatment while the symptoms are mild. In that case, you can delay and improve their progression, so do not worry alone and consult a specialist such as a medical institution.

Rebalance your decreased hormone with age

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