Menopause cold hands and feet

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What is “menopause cold hands and feet”?

“Cold hands and feet” is a common symptom among women. While there are various causes, one major cause is an autonomic nervous system imbalance. For example, a lack of smooth blood circulation causes coldness in the limbs and lower back. It is one of the various symptoms of menopausal disorder. That is, “Menopause cold hands and feet.”

In addition, “cold hands and feet” is closely related to the physical constitution. They say it often happens that skinny people, who don’t like exercise, have gastroptosis or low blood pressure, and have a lot of menstrual flow, have cold hands and feet.

Relationship between “cold hands and feet” and hormones

The symptom of “cold hands and feet” is common among women. It happens more often in menopause. It is because poor circulation is related to the secretion of female hormones. During menopause, hormone secretion from the ovaries decreases. On the other hand, to compensate for it, the hypothalamus in the brain secretes excessive gonadotropins to the ovaries. When the autonomic nervous system becomes imbalanced due to this hormonal imbalance, it hinders the function of dilating and constricting blood vessels. As a consequence, blood circulation may not be smooth. In such cases, the limbs and lower back may feel cold, and symptoms such as hot flashes, sweating, and low (high) blood pressure are likely to be induced.

3 principles to address menopause cold hands and feet


Bathing with a Japanese bath is effective in improving blood circulation. But it may not be available for most people in Western countries. You can warm up your body by showering from your back neck through your back for about one minute. Or a foot bath will also be very effective.
Before bed, by an hour or so, warm up your body from the core. It will also help you fall asleep fast because your core body temperature is downturn when you go to bed.
In addition, stimulating your skin with a body brush when washing the body will enhance your autonomic nerve function.


Moderate exercise warms the body and improves blood circulation with improved physical strength. Get into the habit of exercising that makes you sweat lightly, such as gymnastics or jogging, every day.


It is also essential to have a nutritionally balanced diet. Avoid foods that cool the body; eat plenty of warm foods and root vegetables. In addition, vitamin E improves blood circulation and adjusts the balance of hormones, so be sure to supplement it actively.

Rebalance your hormone naturally with a Japanese food’s essence

It’s also effective to take natural supplements to improve your menopause cold hands and feet.

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