Natural remedies for dizziness during menopause


About dizziness during menopause

During menopause, various symptoms appear due to the rapid decrease in estrogen. The frequency and symptoms of dizziness vary from person to person and from day to day. Dizziness tends to occur in the early stages of menopause, coinciding with hot flashes, hot flashes, and sweating. The dizziness usually goes away as these symptoms improve. Today we talk about natural remedies for dizziness during menopause.

3 Types of dizziness during menopause

We primarily classify dizziness into three depending on how it feels.


Vertigo feels like the ceiling is spinning even when you are lying down.
You may not be able to stand up straight.

Dizziness on standing up, feeling of darkness in front of eyes

You may get dizzy when you stand up. The so-called dizziness on standing up suddenly makes the front of your eyes dark.


You feel like yourself, and your surroundings are fluffy. You may not be able to walk straight.

Should I go to the hospital?

The mechanism of dizziness during menopause is not clearly understood yet. Other causes include abnormalities in the semicircular canals of the ear and brain disorders.
If menopause is not the cause, benign paroxysmal positional vertigo or Meniere’s disease is also suspected. In this case, please consult an otolaryngologist or a neurosurgeon. In the case of lightheadedness on standing up, there is a suspicion of anemia, so please consult an internal medicine doctor.
If all of these are not the case, it may be dizziness during menopause.

How to do when attacked by dizziness?

When dizziness attacks you to the point where you can’t walk, slowly put your hands on the spot and squat down. Please don’t force yourself to move until it’s healed.
If it happens in bed, rest and allow the dizziness to subside.

2 Medical approaches for dizziness during menopause, just FYR

You can consult with a doctor to treat dizziness during menopause.
Options include autonomic neuromodulators, hormone replacement therapy, and herbal medicines.

Autonomic nervous system regulators

They are effective for dizziness by balancing the autonomic nervous system. Doctors also prescribe it for tinnitus, headache, and stiff neck. It doesn’t cause serious side effects in most cases.

Hormone replacement therapy (HRT)

HRT supplements the lack of female hormones with oral medicines and patches. Its feature is an immediate effect. But your hormone is upon a fine and delicate balance. Even a slight excess can raise various heavy side effects. So, you will need a doctor’s subscription, and maybe you can’t continue it in the long term.

2 Natural remedies for dizziness during menopause

As natural remedies for dizziness during menopause, we have Herbal medicines. They have the advantage of being taken for a long time with few or no side effects.

Chinese herbal medicine for dizziness during menopause

Let’s take a look at some herbal remedies that are effective for menopausal dizziness. Although there is no immediate effect, you will feel the effect as you improve your constitution over several months. Here we introduce you the following 5 typical Chinese medicines.

(1) Kamishoyosan: A representative herbal medicine for menopausal symptoms. It is effective for headaches and dizziness.
(2) Keishibukuryogan: Smooths the blood flow and is effective for hot flashes, stiff shoulders, and redness of the face.
(3) Goreisan: It works to adjust excess water in the body: and treats swelling, dizziness, and nausea.
(4) Hangetsu Byakujutsutenmato: It is effective for dizziness in those who have a heavy stomach and dizziness in those who are cold.
(5) Ryokeijutsukanto: It is effective for dizziness in people with a heavy stomach feeling, coldness, and decreased urinary output.

Kampo medicine prescribes different herbs according to each person’s specific constitution.

A Natural supplement from Japan

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Vertigo is a terrifying thing to experience. The above is the summary of menopause dizziness.

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