How to avoid summer heat fatigue in summer

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High temperature and humidity invite summer heat fatigue

The summer is around the corner. The human body adjusts its temperature by adapting it to external temperature changes. Suppose the temperature in summer continues to exceed 86°F (30°C) since the beginning of summer. In that case, it disturbs your natural body temperature control and causes summer heat fatigue.

When high humidity adds to such high temperatures, it makes your sweat difficult to evaporate due to the moisture in the air, and it is becoming increasingly difficult for body temperature regulation to work. As a result, physical strength declines, and symptoms include loss of appetite and fatigue.

Summer heat fatigue due to increased disturbance of the autonomic nervous system

The air conditioner will help you address summer heat. But it causes a significant temperature difference between the air-conditioned room and the hot outdoors. It will quickly disturb the autonomic nervous system. The disturbance of the autonomic nervous system disturbs various bodily functions. It causes summer heat fatigue, of which symptoms include tiredness. Decreased physical strength and poor physical condition due to such fatigue increase the risk of infectious diseases such as heat stroke and food poisoning.

Have a life rhythm suitable for summer.

Sleep method which prevents summer heat fatigue

Good quality sleep is also crucial to living a regular life and not leaving fatigued. Use cooling sheets or cooling sheets that provide a cool sensation on tropical nights. Use air conditioners and fans to lower the temperature and humidity.

Set the air conditioner’s temperature to an appropriate temperature of around 82.4°F (28°C). The body temperature changes throughout the day. It rises from the evening to the night, and sleepiness descends on you when it starts to fall.
Your body temperature increases from dawn. But suppose your body is cold due to air conditioning. In that case, it will be difficult for your body temperature to rise, you can’t turn on your internal switch to move your body, and you will feel dull when you wake up.

Building a body that can withstand the heat

Get into the habit of sweating during exercise

The human body regulates body temperature by releasing heat through sweating. Moderate exercise and sweating in the summer are effective because it builds resistance to heat and improves the body’s thermoregulatory function, which tends to go out of whack due to heat and air conditioning. However, it would be better not to exercise outside during the day when the temperature is high, as there is a risk of heat stroke.

It is perfect to go to bed at a fixed time every day without staying late. Then wake up early and start walking. It provides you with two essential effects. First, it will help you gain physical strength. Second, it will reset your body clock in the morning sun and uphold your regular circadian rhythm. It will keep summer heat fatigue away.

Build strength with the necessary nutrition

One of the causes of summer heat fatigue is the loss of appetite. Choosing a menu that increases appetite and provides sufficient nutrition is essential. Using flavored vegetables such as ginger and perilla is recommended to increase appetite. Curry and other spicy dishes stimulate your appetite and prevent summer heat fatigue.

In addition, we tend to choose cold drinks and foods when we feel hot. But it can weaken the stomach and intestines, leading to a decrease in physical strength. In the summer, you should also eat hot meals and drink room-temperature drinks and hot beverages to protect your stomach and intestines.
It is impossible to avoid the hot temperature in summer and high humidity depending on your region. Enjoy the summer by adopting the summer-heat-fatigue-elimination method that suits you!

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