Teas for menopause

Chinese herbal tea

Teas for menopause

Menopause can be irritable and can cause unpleasant symptoms. In such a case, why don’t you have a cup of tea where you can take a break? We introduce you the following 5 types of teas for menopause here. 

Mint tea
Chamomile tea
Sage tea
Medicinal tea
Black soybean tea

Mint tea for menopause

Mint tea brings you a refreshing scent. The refreshing flavor of menthol makes you feel refreshed, so it will be fine when you want to feel refreshed.

We recommend you Mint tea to refresh yourself from hot flashes and sweating. It is also considered suitable for a mood change when irritated by mental symptoms.

Chamomile tea

Another tea for menopause is Chamomile tea. It is popular among herbal teas and has a green apple-like scent. We expect Chamomile to be effective for mental disorders because it calms the mood and for low physical conditions that suppress pain and inflammation.

There are also reports that Chamomile relieves premenstrual syndrome (PMS) by utilizing its anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiety effects.

Why don’t you drink chamomile tea if you feel restless and can’t sleep at night as menopause symptoms?

Sage tea

The scent of Sage is refreshing and similar to Mugwort. It can be a tea effective in soothing inflammation of the throat and stomatitis, as well as relieving the symptoms of menopause.

Some studies even reported that Sage tea reduced the number of hot flashes seen in menopausal symptoms.

Hot flashes are vasomotor symptoms such as hot flashes, dizziness, and sweating. After Mint tea, Sage tea is also recommended as a tea for menopause in relieving hot flashes and dizziness.

Chinese herbal teas

Chinese herbal tea’s definition extends wide. You may drink herbal teas according to your physical condition, constitution, and season. Any teas like them are Chinese herbal teas and can be for menopause.

Menopausal symptoms range from hot flashes, sweating, stiff shoulders, fatigue, coldness, and depression, so we recommend drinking Chinese herbal teas according to your symptoms.

You may think Chinese herbal teas require special ingredients, but you can make them with familiar ingredients sold at supermarkets. For example, the ginger tea you drink during a cold can be considered Chinese herbal tea. Or, you can ask a Chinese medicine store to arrange something suitable for your health condition.

In addition, Chinese herbal teas don’t stop at tea leaves; They also use flowers and fruits as ingredients.

They say that Chinese herbal tea using jujube fruit is also good when you feel tired quickly. There is also a report that herbal medicines containing jujube may improve sleep symptoms in menopausal women.

Black soybean tea

The raw material is black soybeans (Kuromame), so the old-fashioned calming and fragrant bean scent makes you feel relieved.

Black soybeans contain ingredients that have various health benefits.

For example, we expect potassium contained in black soybean tea and black soybean polyphenol to be effective against swelling.

If you have swelling due to menopausal symptoms, try changing your usual tea to black soybean tea.

Tips for drinking tea during menopause

Some teas are said to be good for menopause, but you need to be a little careful when consuming them.

Despite the expected health benefits, drinking too much can have adverse effects. There are two things to keep in mind when drinking tea.

Sugar content

Be careful with caffeine.

When drinking tea, watch the caffeine content. Too much caffeine may keep you awake at night. Some types of teas contain a lot of caffeine.

If you have insomnia symptoms, such as difficulty falling asleep due to menopausal symptoms, consider the amount and timing of drinking. Decaffeinated teas may be good in such a case.

Be careful with sugar.

If you like sweet tea, you may want to add sugar. But too much sugar can raise blood sugar levels. There is also a report that nursing care interventions aimed at stabilizing blood sugar levels also reduce hot flashes during menopause.

In order not to adversely affect the symptoms of menopause, please do not take too much sugar.

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