Ways of nail health care

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Aging nail health care from the inside and outside

“Aging changes in nails are a natural phenomenon and cannot be avoided entirely. However, there is no need to give up. It is possible to delay the changes due to age depending on how you do nail health care. Here we show you how to care for your nails to keep them vibrant!

Lively nails start with a healthy mind and body.

The age-related changes in nails don’t happen only from issues in nails but are related to the entire body’s condition, including internal organs, blood vessels, and hormones. First, it is most important to keep the body lively and healthy. It requires care from the inside as well as the outside.

Sound sleep and nail health care

First, make sure you get enough sleep. It will promote good skin metabolism and regeneration and maintain healthy nails.

Right eating for your nail health care

Also, remember that you should balance the daily diet and take in the nutrients necessary for your nail health care. Among them, zinc and iron are often deficient in the average diet. Supplements may be a way to supplement the nutrients you cannot get from your diet.

Take care of moisturizing and protecting your nails in your daily care

Moisturizing and protection

Moisturizing and protecting are vital for nail health care. Aged nails are prone to dryness and many problems.
During the day, moisturize your hands and fingertips with hand cream or lotion, and moisturize your nails with nail oil. The oil helps protect the nail’s surface, which has become dry and brittle. Before bed at night, it can also effectively prevent nail problems with a repair liquid containing nail protection ingredients.

Increase blood circulation in your fingers with a massage!

Promoting blood circulation in the fingers will improve nutrient delivery to the toes. The following is a simple hand and nail massage for your nail health care. Doing one set of the following 1 to 3 a day while bathing improves blood circulation.
(This sentence mentions Japanese-style bath time. Another article, “Bad Circulation Improvement by Footbath / Wisdom of Japanese Bath Culture 2023” suggests you an alternative. “)

1. Wrap the entire hand with the palm of the other hand and massage the whole hand from the back of the hand to the fingers and fingertips.
2. Pinch the root of the finger with the thumb and index finger of the opposite hand and push.
3. Hold the top and bottom of the nail with the thumb and index finger of the opposite hand and push.

hand massage

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