Decreased estrogen and osteoporosis

Decreased estrogen and osteoporosis

Estrogen, which is one of the female hormones, initiates secondary sex characteristics and causes menstruation, and maintains pregnancy. Its role is not limited there but also affects the whole body. As one such issue, decreased estrogen and osteoporosis have a close relation.

Around puberty, estrogen begins to be secreted from the ovaries, leading to menarche (first menstruation). At this time, estrogen causes a rapid increase in bone density and bone maturation. Achieving adequate bone density in the early twenties is vital for future bone health.

Menopause and bone density decrease

Also, everyone goes through menopause around the age of fifty. In other words, menopause is a state in which estrogen production drops significantly. Estrogen has the function of regulating the balance between the activities of bone-building and bone-destroying cells. After menopause, it becomes imbalanced, and the multiplication of bone-destroying cells strengthens. Thus the relation of decreased estrogen and osteoporosis progress.

After menopause, women’s bone density begins to decline, and when it reaches 70% or less of the average value of young women’s bone density, they are diagnosed with osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is a condition in which even a weak external force can easily cause fractures, and it is one of the causes of bedriddenness due to fractures of the spine and femur.

Know your bone density at first

You will need to know your bone density first to prevent osteoporosis. If you have never had an examination, we recommend taking it once. Even if you are young, if you had late menarche or had a temporary period of amenorrhea, knowing your current bone density in advance will help you take preventive measures for osteoporosis early. It might get you started, and I’m sure you’ll find it helpful.

Hormone replacement therapy for bone health

One of the treatments for menopausal disorders is hormone replacement therapy (HRT), which relieves symptoms by supplementing low estrogen. Estrogen prevents the decrease in bone density, and it is possible to treat menopausal symptoms and avoid osteoporosis simultaneously.

But HRT is yet controversial because balancing the hormone existing in very fine quantity is not easy even with a doctor’s prescription. It can easily excess the appropriate quantity and leads to various disorders.

Natural hormonal therapy?

It will be good for you to try natural supplements made of natural foods. Regardless it works or not, supplements made from natural foods will not cause health issues for you, because it’s only a food and a lot of people have it with no problem.

We, Juveriente®, introduce you such natural solutions for you through two different courses.

The natural bone strength complex made from Satsuma mandarin orange

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