Laughter improves health (smile and skin 3/4)

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Laughter improves health in blood circulation and lead to beautiful skin.

(1) Laughter improves health in its blood circulation promotion effect

Laughter improves health when it turns your breathing abdominal because the diaphragm moves up and down. Cardiopulmonary function becomes active, oxygen-rich blood circulates throughout the body, and metabolism becomes active. In other words, smiles and laughter promotes blood circulation in the body.
As a result, the metabolism becomes active, so the replacement of cells becomes active.

Improving blood circulation provides the following health benefits:
Relieves muscle tension and increases elasticity
Reduces vascular resistance and relieves stress on the heart
blood pressure drops
Relaxation effect by parasympathetic nerve dominance
Better lymphatic flow
From these things, you can expect anti-aging of the body with laughter.

(2) Relationship between blood circulation promotion and skin

By improving the flow of blood and lymph, excess water and waste products can be quickly discharged, preventing swelling and dullness, and are expected to be effective in aging care.

In addition, it has the following effects.
Metabolism becomes active by improving blood circulation, and skin gloss and firmness improve.
Sebaceous glands and sweat glands become active, and sebum secretion and sebum film formation increase, preventing dry skin.
Indeed, laughter seems to improve your health and also play the role of anti-aging cosmetics.

Laughter improves health by balancing the autonomic nervous system

(1) Relationship between autonomic nerve balance and the body

Laughter improves health in balancing your autonomic nerve. The autonomic nervous system has the sympathetic nervous system that puts the body in tension mode and the parasympathetic nervous system that puts the body in relaxation mode.

When the autonomic nervous system is out of balance, stress increases, which may temporarily cause the following symptoms:
disordered breathing
irregular heartbeat
increased blood pressure
Shoulder stiffness
Weight loss/gain
heavy stomach
Usually, the sympathetic nervous system is dominant while awake, so there is a lot of stress.
However, by laughing, the parasympathetic nervous system becomes dominant, and the two are balanced.

As a result, you will feel relaxed and relieve stress.
When the stress reduces, the above symptoms will be lighter and more likely to disappear.

Active oxygen will also decrease if you can relieve stress quickly by laughing, so preventing oxidation will lead to anti-aging.

(2) Relationship between autonomic nerve balance and skin

The disturbance of the balance of the autonomic nerves also affects the skin. For example, blood vessels constrict, resulting in poor blood circulation.

It causes puffiness, dark circles under the eyes (blue circles), and dullness. It leads to the deterioration of the barrier function and disturbance of turnover, resulting in dry skin and, in even worse cases, sensitive skin.

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