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Smiling Friends

Smile and skin: It’s a natural anti-aging care.

Laughter and smiles have a positive effect on the autonomic nervous system. It will also boost your immune system and keep you healthy and beautiful. Aging care is related not only to the use of aging care cosmetics but also to everyday casual actions. Smile and skin anti-aging have a close relation.

“Laughing” is one such act, and it has a beautiful skin effect!

Doesn’t it make you feel physically and mentally refreshed when you laugh out loud? Laughter relieves stress, promotes blood circulation, and reduces active oxygen. That’s why smiles and laughter also lead to anti-aging and aging care of skin and others.

Through the series of our posts from this one, we will introduce various effects of “laughter” on the mind and body from a scientific point of view.

Stress physically damages your skin.

Have you ever laughed holding your stomach recently?
A 4-year-old child, curious about everything, laughs more than 300 times a day, but adults are said to laugh less than 15 times a day on average.

Some may think, “Huh? Maybe I haven’t laughed 15 times…”.
Modern society exposes you to stress.
You may have wrinkled your eyebrows more often unconsciously.

Stress can also cause rough skin and is one of the great enemies of beautiful skin and aging care. When stress increases, it doesn’t matter only mentally. It increases active oxygen to counter such stress, leading to skin oxidation.
As a result, the aging of the skin progresses.

Natural healing power of laughter and smile, on skin and everything

Here, I would like to pay a little attention to the health and aging care effects that laughter and smiles bring to beauty.
It is becoming clear that “laughter” can improve the natural healing power that we possess and positively affect both the body and the skin.

What if you could have beautiful skin just by smiling?
Like aging care cosmetics, I want to make laughter a daily habit.

In the following posts, I will introduce the effects of laughter and smiles on beautiful skin, health, and anti-aging.
We will also discuss how to have a good laugh.

(to be continued to “Smile and skin 2/4”)

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