Exercise for your bone health!

Walking woman

Build strength and balance with your bones.

When you put a moderate load (pressure) on your bones through exercise, the cells that form the bones are activated. It makes it easier for calcium to deposit in the bones. On the other hand, if the state of lack of exercise continues, calcium will be easier to dissolve from the bones to make them weaker. Do exercise for your bone health!

Recommended exercises: walking, jogging, cycling, swimming, tennis, table tennis, gateball and gymnastics. 

In addition, exercise also strengthens muscles and balance and prevents falls and fractures. A moderate exercise habit is essential to prevent osteoporosis.

Start from walking

When people who don’t exercise regularly or older people suddenly start vigorous exercise, there is a risk of injury or accidents. Moderate exercise is an effective way to prevent osteoporosis and maintain good health. Never overdo it.
Walking is a simple and safe exercise. Aim to walk 1,000 more steps a day than you do now. Exercise for your bone health is easy by starting from such a light one. 

Can you get exercise from doing housework for your bone health?

Exercise habits are the habits of moving your body. You can expect great results from your daily housework. Cleaning, washing clothes, putting up and taking down bedding, shopping, etc., are excellent exercises. They put a moderate load on your bones. If you can strengthen your bones by doing daily housework, you can kill two birds with one stone.

Natural and safe supplements will support your bone health additionally.

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