The best Miso recipes for Westerners

Miso Marinated Chicken

Try cooking with Miso!

Miso, the fermented soybean paste, is one of the principal staples of Japanese people, and we have explained its benefits as one of the secrets of healthy Japanese people. It is rich in essential amino acids, highly nutritious, and has the effect of preserving food and softening meat and fish. The most famous application of Miso internationally will Miso soup. But Japanese people utilize it as one of their main seasonings in various dishes. We recommend trying our natural supplement Juveriente® Effisoy® to take their health benefits if you like to do without trying the new flavor for you. But nowadays, you can purchase it online even in other countries. If you try some of the best Miso recipes, you may like it.


Best Miso Recipes

You can find the best Miso recipes in a Japanese website through Google translate from here. The destinations of the links in this page will be translated, too.

Here I pick up some of them, which I believe you can easily try in terms of the cooking and the taste.

Miso marinated grilled chicken

Miso Marinated Chicken

“Chicken miso-zuke-yaki” is marinated in miso and grilled to make the meat tender. The seasoning does not fail, so it is a very helpful recipe even when you are busy.

Salmon pickled in miso that can be frozen

It can be frozen, which is very convenient. If you pickle a lot of fillet fish when it is cheap, it will be useful when you are not sure about making a lunch box or a menu before payday. The miso sauce soaks in and goes well with rice.

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