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Anti-aging by hair wellness from within

Hair loss and thinning in women are said to be more challenging to treat than in men. It’s due to multiple causes in women complexly intertwined with aging and hormonal imbalance. Hair wellness from within is essential for your hair anti-aging.

Hair deterioration by hormone imbalance

“The secretion of estrogen, the female hormone that affects hair, peaks in the late 20s and gradually decreases, along with changes such as dryness, swells, and fine hair. In addition, the amount of estrogen decreases sharply from around 50, so the hair quality deteriorates further, hair thinning progresses, and gray hair becomes more noticeable. After menopause, female hormones decrease, Male hormones become relatively dominant, and male pattern baldness (AGA) can occur in women.” Natural menopause supplements like Juveriente® Effisoy® will be helpful.

Nervous system disorder

Be careful of the nervous system disorder due to stress. “When you receive mental and physical stress, the nervous system is disturbed, resulting in poor blood circulation and blood flow to the ends, causing hair roots to become malnourished. Zero stress is unrealistic. Find your way to relieve stress and release it before it builds up.

Sleep shortage

Sleep shortage and malnutrition are also high-risk factors for hair loss for modern women. Clinical results show that hair loss is noticeable when sleep time is less than 5 hours. “70% of growth hormone involved in producing new hair is secreted during sleep. The body secretes growth hormones abundantly during deep sleep immediately after falling asleep. Continual sleep deprivation will lower hair matrix cells’ division and bloodstream. It will eventually hinder hair growth. Try to get at least 6 hours of sleep and good quality sleep with few awakenings in the middle of the night.

Take balanced nutrition.

The center of hair wellness from within is nutrition. If you don’t get enough nutrients that make up your hair, your hair will inevitably become thin and weak. Especially people on a diet may be at the brink. 90% of hair is a protein called keratin made up of 18 kinds of amino acids. You should take in at least one protein source, such as seafood, meat, soybeans, soybean foods, and dairy products, in the morning, afternoon, and evening. Biotin and vitamins B2 and B6 are also important. It is ideal for taking them through food, but take supplements if it is difficult.”

About Scalp troubles

And finally, though not actually the hair wellness from within, scalp troubles. It often raises immediate troubles like redness, itching, and eczema. There are various causes. Hair care products such as shampoos and conditioners that are unsuitable for the scalp, strong irritation from chemicals such as perms and hair coloring, dryness due to over-washing, sunburn, excessive heat damage, oxidative stress, etc. Inflammation in the scalp will disturb the scalp turnover and may accelerate aging. However, there seems to be no medical data that hair loss increases due to oil clogging the scalp’s pores. Don’t be too desperate to remove the dirt but protect the moisture.

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